Construction News

Summer 2022 construction-- construction/staging map

Road and sidewalk repairs

There are a number of campus road and sidewalk repairs taking place place during Summer 2022. The areas involved will be:

  • Connector Road from West Access to Lot Y5
  • Northern East Drive speed table replacement
  • East Access Rd (including Lot P, O3, and O4) and repairs to two speed tables in front of Rafuse and C4
  • Sidewalk next to Old Dickinson Community
  • Front of Academic A sidewalk
  • Science 1 loading dock and entrance from West Drive, including new sidewalk adjacent to driveway
  • Driveway behind Health Services
  • Clearview Drive from storage yard to drainage trench
  • UU drainage trench and loading dock area from swing gate to below deck
  • Bunn Hill Roadway entrance
  • Lot L
  • Lot F3
  • Lot UDC (Downtown)
  • Lot X

Welcome Center/Information Booth renovation

Work to construct a Welcome Center and renovate the Information Booth at the main campus entrance will take place this summer. The project is expected to begin in June and will provide a place for visitors to stop and gather information. Restrooms are included in the work. The project is expected to take about 18 months to complete.

Welcome Center

Old Rafuse renovation

Renovation of Old Rafuse is expected to begin in late June. The project involves asbestos abatement, installation of new mechanical equipment (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire alarm,telecom), new windows and roofing. Existing bathrooms will be gutted and reconfigured. Rooms and corridors will receive new flooring, doors and lighting. A new wheelchair lift  is part of the project. Lot B adjacent to the building will be expanded and new landscaping installed. The project will be complete in summer 2023.

Hinman Hill/Landscape improvements

This project involves constructing three stone sitting walls, a paver patio space with tables and chairs, and a sign that identifies the Hinman College complex in the lawn area east of the Hinman Dining Hall.  There will also be some minor lighting and landscape plantings associated with the project. Work will begin shortly after Commencement and be complete for the return of students for the fall 2022 semester.

Hinman Hills

Parking Structure repairs

A variety of maintenance work for the Parking Structure including deck, ceiling, drainage and curbing repair will take place this summer. Throughout the project, parking will be available but some changes will be in effect. Beginning Tuesday, May 31, entrance and exit to the parking garage will only be available through the lower level, Bartle Drive access point. Access through lot A will be closed. As the project progresses, changes to garage access points will be communicated. This project is expected to last through August.

Parking Structure

Bearcat Sports Complex game field turf replacement

Contractors will replace the synthetic turf at the game field of the Bearcats Sports Complex.  Construction traffic will access the field from the Bunn Hill Road entrance/access road so no traffic impacts are expected.  At times sidewalks near the double gate to the field may be temporarily closed as construction vehicles access the field. The project is expected to be completed around August 6.

Bearcat Complex turf field replacement

Site lighting improvements

Site lighting improvements will take place in lot C, upper West Access Road and the Connector Road.

  • Lot  C work will begin May 23
  • Upper West Access Road will begin June 15
  • Connector Road work will likely take place in July.

Projects in residential buildings

  • NAR Collegiate Center & Hughes cleaning /masonry repairs
  • Marcy Hall boiler replacement
  • Dickinson Community bird mitigation
  • Broome Hall painting
  • Hillside doors/tubs/flooring replacements (Darien and Filmore House)
  • Smith Hall bathroom refurbishments
  • Nanticoke- new flooring and countertop/cabinet resurfacing- building will be closed for the summer

Ongoing projects

Library third-floor renovations

Most of the work on the project thus far is focused on demolishing various building components such as air handling units, pumps and motors and equipment pads. Asbestos abatement is also underway.  Notifications for this project can be found here.

This project entails a complete gut and renovation of the Library South third floor including asbestos abatement and installation of new flooring, ceilings and lighting. Mechanical systems serving the area will be replaced/upgraded including air handlers and chiller. The energy management system will also be upgraded so energy systems can be better managed and costs reduced. The third floor will be connected to the existing south stair tower.

There will be further notifications when construction activity affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic. This will mainly occur at times when crane work is taking place for mechanical equipment installations. Additional information about the project can be found here. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

Library third floor renovation

Pharmacy R&D building construction beginning

Steel work is underway at the Pharmacy R&D building. Steel work will take about a month and a half to complete. The 18,000 square foot facility will support the research efforts of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The project will take about 16 months to complete.

Pharmacy R&D

27 Jennison

The foundation is going in for the Ford Family Wellness Center for Seniors. When it opens late this year or early next year, the center will provide primary healthcare and holistic health and wellness services for older persons.

Ford Family Wellness Center for Seniors

Science 4 phase 2 renovation

Most of the work remaining on this project involves installing furniture and finishes.

The project  renovates the west side of Science 4 including offices, labs and support space. Work also involves installation of new MEP systems for the west side of Science 4. The project includes surge space to facilitate the phase one renovation of Science 3.

Science 4 renovation

Science 2 Tower Renovation

Work on this project is substantially complete. Furniture installation is underway. The project will provide new office space, labs and some conferencing space. The project is slated for a spring 2022 completion.            

West Gym/Events Center boiler project

Most exterior work is complete. Over the summer work will take place to connect the plant to the Events Center and West Gym. The project will help reduce load on the Central Heating Plant, deactivate HTHW lines in poor condition and provide heat and hot water for the Events Center and West Gym. The project is expected to be complete in fall 2022. 

Boiler plant

Academic AB cooler tower replacement

Work to run new piping from the Lecture Hall to the Academic Complex has been completed. At the end of the heating season, demolition of heating pumps in the Academic Complex will take place followed by the installation of new pumps. A new chiller and cooling towers will be installed in August. The project has removed old chillers and cooling towers and associated equipment and replaced them with new. A new roof for the Academic Complex is also a part of the project.