Events and Workshops


The Office of Student Conduct is offering an five workshops designed to provide beneficial insight, strategies and skills; empower students to assume personal responsibility for the decisions they make and the potential impact their decisions can have on others; increase awareness of ethics; and learn systematic methods.


Workshops are available on several dates starting in September and ending in December. Scroll the B-Engaged event list to see all upcoming date and time options. Depending on the number of sign-ups, the Office of Student Conduct will determine if the workshop will be held in person or remotely. We will send notification of the location 1–2 days prior to the workshop to those who register.

Community Awareness Workshop

This is an interactive and reflective workshop that provides education focusing on the responsibilities of being part of the larger Binghamton University community. The workshop will include discussion about character awareness, individual and community values and community engagement.

Conflict Coaching Workshop

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about conflict, effective communication and active listening and benefits of conflict resolution. The workshop will provide an assessment to identify your primary conflict resolution style.

Decision-Making Workshop

This is an interactive workshop that will challenge you to consider the role of ethics in decision-making. There will be an overview of various models to use when making decisions. The workshop will conclude with case studies that apply the information shared throughout the workshop.

Know the Code Presentation

This presentation will provide an overview of the Code of Student Conduct and how it applies to students. Information will be shared that highlights the rights and responsibilities of being a Binghamton University student.

Using Social Media Responsibly Workshop

This workshop discusses different aspects of social media use or “netiquette” while at Binghamton University. Information will be shared about social media terms, how to stay safe online and how social media can impact your health. Additionally, the workshop will challenge thinking about how to use social media to your advantage and sometimes how it can be a disadvantage.