Faculty and Staff

The Office of Student Conduct is currently recruiting staff and faculty for two separate programs, both of which have an impact on the student conduct process. Our goal is to recruit additional Student Conduct Board Members, while also launching our new Student Conduct Consultant program.
  • Student Conduct Board Members are essential in providing a fair and equitable hearing process for alleged misconduct and Title IX violations. Members would hear testimony, review evidence and issue a recommendation of responsibility and outcome when a student contests a conduct charge. The time commitment is minimal but the position is invaluable.
  • Student Conduct Consultants serve to educate students about the conduct process and provide assistance by advising them in navigating the conduct process. Student Conduct Consultants would provide students their university knowledge, wisdom, and assistance at a time when they may be in need of it the most.

Although word-of-mouth is a great tool for advertisement, a campus-wide recruitment effort is not underway. We are asking you to formally nominate current or retired staff and faculty members that you feel would be good candidates for one or both of the positions. Self-nominations are accepted!

Once we have completed our recruitment efforts for both Student Conduct Board Members and Student Conduct Consultants, the nominated individuals will be contacted and invited to an information session to find out more about the role and responsibilities.

Please click here or the link below to nominate staff and faculty members and know that you can self-nominate!


Your time and consideration in this effort is greatly appreciated.