Student Conduct Board

Student Conduct Board


The philosophy of the University student conduct system is based upon the educational mission of the University. The three premises of the system are:

  • Accountability is implemented as a step toward creating a safe and secure living/learning environment.
  • Accountability is a route to community development.
  • Disciplinary action is taken with an educational objective and tries to be learning-centered.

The conduct system holds students accountable for inappropriate behavior and encourages the modification of behavior deemed inappropriate. For a complete description of the Conduct Process and a listing of the Rules of Student Conduct consult the Code of Student Conduct.

Conduct Board Selection Forms

The Office of Student Conduct is pleased to announce that applications to become a member of Binghamton's Student Conduct Board (SCB) are available via hireBING. The SCB is an essential element of the student conduct process and presents a very real and positive way for campus partners to become involved in student conduct.

Student Conduct Board Selection

Position Description: The Student Conduct Board (SCB) is the body responsible for hearing cases of alleged violations of University Rules of Student Conduct which are listed in the Code of Student Conduct. Student Conduct Boards consist of three members drawn from the pool of eligible faculty, staff and student board members. Upon review of a case, the board makes a determination as to whether or not a policy violation has occurred and decides what, if any sanctions are to be imposed. Sanctions range from a Conduct Warning up to and including Expulsion from the University.

Qualifications: Campus partners in good conduct standing with the University are eligible to apply. Student applicants must abide by the University Rules of Student Conduct. Other requirements include: the ability to work with others, sensitivity to and respect for others, openness to differences, a strong sense of impartiality and objectivity and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality of all conduct information.

Selection Process: In order to be considered for the student conduct board students must submit a completed application and references to the Student Conduct Office by the stated deadline. Those students who meet the qualifications will be interviewed. Final selection decisions are made based on the overall quality of the application, references and the individual interview. Candidates are informed of their status and next steps. Students should be aware that this is a volunteer position.