Scholarships and Other Award Resources (SOAR)

SOAR is a searchable database of funding opportunities for current students and alumni. Please review the recommendations on the right to conduct a search based on your needs and eligibility. 

How To Use SOAR

Keyword Search

Enter any keyword or phrase, for example "Anthropology." The results will include all entries containing your keyword/phrase in the title or description. You may search using a keyword/phrase alone or in addition to selecting criteria from the drop down menus which are described below.

Drop Down Menus

To further refine your search, you may select criteria including your discipline/field, your level of study, and award period. You may select one of these criteria, or all three depending on the level of specificity you would like to use.


After you obtain search results, you may further specify your search by selecting one or more filters including opportunities for students with disabilities, non-U.S. students, under-represented minorities, or women.