Field Education - Advanced Preparation

The advanced teacher preparation programs include the Literacy Education, Special Education and TESOL programs. There are fieldwork and internship requirements for Literacy Education, Special Education and TESOL. 

Advanced field experiences are focused on practicing the techniques or methods developed in coursework. Students in advanced preparation programs may complete these field experiences and coursework opportunities within their classroom (if appropriate) or may need assigned placements. Individuals in these programs should speak with their program advisor regarding the expectations of their program and appropriate field experience placement.


Individuals in advanced preparation programs complete an extended, supervised internship experience near the end of their preparation. This allows the individuals to demonstrate the professional competencies expected in their field of interest (i.e., literacy, special education or educational leadership), while gaining critical feedback on their teaching or leadership performance. Individuals in these programs should speak with their program advisors on the specific expectations as they differ significantly by program.  

Already teaching?

Many individuals in the advanced preparation programs enter already employed in a local school district. To the greatest extent possible, faculty members from programs work with these “on-the-job” teachers to ensure they can demonstrate the professional competencies of their program while maintaining their current position.

Note: There may be exceptions to this in cases where there is a mismatch in grade level between current position and grade range of certification. In addition, there may be circumstances where individuals may need to demonstrate the competencies outside of their classroom. For instance, individuals in the education leadership program may need to find opportunities to take on administrative tasks within the district or school building. Similarly, individuals in the special education program may need to observe in other classrooms to meet course requirements.


For more information, contact Haley Irvine, Online Academic Advisor and Clinical Field Coordinator, at or 607-777-3322.