Health Sciences Thematic Areas of Research

The Health Sciences Committee has identified four broad, thematic areas of research that are transdisciplinary in nature to advance the Mission and Vision of the Health Sciences TAE. These are meant to serve as guiding themes to integrate research at Binghamton University and toward which individual departments and programs can align future proposals for new faculty hires. At the same time, it is expected to serve as a guiding rubric for the Binghamton University administration to allocate hires and other resources to further develop and integrate the Health Sciences research presence across campus.

Binghamton University intends to become a leader in the themes detailed below and will seek individuals in complementary fields that provide essential depth and breadth to this endeavor. To make significant advances, Binghamton University will strengthen the infrastructure to effectively enable research and scholarly activity in these areas. Hiring faculty and investing resources in supporting technologies such as advanced data management (e.g., statistical consultation, business analytics, data mining, bioinformatics, big data) as well as the development of appropriately staffed and resourced core facilities (such as genomics, proteomics, advanced microscopy) will be necessary to attract and retain top-tier talent, enable path-breaking research, and promote highly competitive federal grant submissions including those targeted toward national research centers.