Healthcare Systems and Outcomes Research

Building a better delivery system requires effective partnerships that can harness the power of engineering, health and healthcare sciences, information technology, management, and social sciences. Such partnerships are essential to transforming our under-performing healthcare system into high performance environments that produce premier quality care and better patient outcomes at lower cost. By combining expertise across colleges to establish next-generation policies and approaches in health care management, systems engineering and outcomes research, Binghamton University can realize a growing societal need for a transformed healthcare system that embraces patient-centered care, optimized operations, efficacy, safety, and equity. A strong core of faculty in healthcare systems engineering could be linked with the researchers and providers from nursing and social work, as these two groups represent the front-lines of patient care and individualized healthcare management. Growing expertise in biomedical ethics and economics of healthcare, geographical distribution of disease and healthcare, and healthcare management and analytics could be brought together to establish transdisciplinary teams in this area.