headshot of Kevin M. Hatch

Kevin M. Hatch

Associate Professor

Art History


Kevin Hatch joined the faculty at Binghamton in 2011. His teaching and research traverses the twentieth century, with particular attention paid to the intersections of art, cinema, and new media in the postwar period. His book Looking for Bruce Conner investigates Conner’s influential but insufficiently understood work while exploring the artist’s position on the geographical, cultural, and critical margins.

Hatch is currently working on two projects. The first investigates new media practices since the 1990s, in particular those that trouble the outwardly stable categories of cinema and visual art; the second examines the chiasmic relationship between Mexican artistic culture and American artists’ interactions with that culture in the postwar period.


  • BA, University of Toledo
  • MA, University of Delaware
  • PhD, Princeton University

Research Interests

  • Postwar and contemporary art
  • American art and visual culture
  • New media practices
  • Media theory

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