Stephen Rebello

Steve provides leadership for the program and oversees the functions of SSS. Additionally, Steve is engaged in the campus community through various committees, boards and volunteer opportunities where he is able to advocate for SSS and the students in the program. Steve works hard to create and maintain key collaborations across campus that help to best support our students. Armed with over a decade of experience in the field of education, a Bachelor of Science degree in biology education and a Master of Science degree in environmental and outdoor education, he is ready to help students overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

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Marissa Zelman
Associate Director

Marissa hails from the city of bright lights (otherwise known as Brooklyn) and ventured up north to Binghamton in pursuit of her BA in English, euphorically trading in NYC skyscrapers, bodegas and subways for fresh air, snow forts and carousels. Marissa found her passion for education while teaching for EOP's Summer Program (Binghamton Enrichment Program) for many years, ultimately earning her Master of Arts in Teaching degree in English. She provides academic, personal and career counseling as a senior academic counselor, truly enjoying her humanitarian vocation. Marissa is the instructor of record for WRIT 100, a supplemental writing course taken in conjunction with WRIT 111; teaches the TRIO Mentor Training Internship Course, CDCI 395; manages the SSS Peer Mentorship Program; and oversees enrollment for the SSS program.

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Jazmine Powell
Assistant Director, Senior Academic Counselor

Jazmine was born and raised in Binghamton and received her BS in Human Development and MS in Student Affairs Administration from Binghamton University. She was inspired to pursue her master's degree after completing an internship during her undergrad working with at-risk students at Binghamton High School. Through this experience, Jazmine discovered her passion for helping students in their pursuit of higher education. She began working with TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) as a graduate assistant and continued her professional career with SSS after graduation.  Jazmine also teaches UNIV 103 and enjoys reading (especially fantasy 🧙‍♂️) and spending time with friends and family.

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Jessica Midyette
Academic Counselor

Jess is a Binghamton native who graduated from Binghamton High School. For her bachelor’s degree she attended University at Buffalo via EOP and double majored in African American Studies and Psychology. Throughout her undergraduate experience she became quite passionate about access to college and helping other students through their college journey. She has since graduated from Binghamton University’s MS Student Affairs Administration program, which further empowered her with tools to provide support for students during their undergraduate careers. She is very passionate about preserving and learning about Black History and culture in the United States. In addition, she enjoys discussing topics surrounding diversity, intersectionality and is a huge advocate for SELF-CARE and mental wellness/wellbeing. When she takes her higher education hat off, she is a mother of two. She also enjoys spending time with her family, being outside (when the weather allows for it), reading self-help books, watching anime and journaling.

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Alicia Hibbard
Learning & Engagement Specialist

Alicia was born and raised in Binghamton. While neither of her parents received Bachelor’s degrees, they both valued education and they encouraged her to attend college. Alicia received her Bachelor's degree from SUNY Oneonta with two majors in Human Ecology and Art and a minor in Business/Economics. She received academic scholarships to attend and also worked as a residential advisor. After graduating, she began working in marketing. While she loved the design work, she didn’t feel like she was making a meaningful difference, so she decided to get back into higher education. She received her MS in Student Affairs Administration in December 2020. Her passion is to help students discover their path and help to break down any barriers that stand in their way to achieving their dreams. She is primarily responsible for coordinating the office's tutoring program and collaborating with different offices across campus to bring resources closer. Alicia currently teaches the CDCI 395 tutoring internship course which trains future SSS tutors. She is a mother to a little boy and she loves many things including cooking, singing, escape rooms, puzzle games (not puzzles though lol), traveling, hiking, mountain biking, graphic design, and crafty activities.

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Josh Perry
Data Manager

Both in and out of the office, Josh is a man of many hats. In the office, he is responsible for maintaining the online presence of the office through the website, social media and e-mail; and managing data and analysis for TRIO SSS. Josh has a background in music and history, with a Bachelor of Arts in music from SUNY Oneonta. He ultimately switched from a master's degree in music history to earn his Master of Science in Student Affairs Administration (with a focus on advising and leadership) from Binghamton University. Outside work, Josh is an avid gamer, musician, traveler and he's busy learning and practicing Spanish.

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Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor
Graduate Assistant

Christina is native to Poughkeepsie, NY, and came to Binghamton University to complete a BS in Biology. She is now pursuing an MS in Biomedical Anthropology and wants to follow a career path that will fulfill her passion for helping others. Christina will be aiding with the academic counselor caseload, overseeing the SAB, working with alums, helping with events, and more! Outside of being a GA for SSS, Christina is the Graduate Assistant for the X-Fact’r step team and the supervisor at the John Arthur Cafe. Additionally, Christina enjoys watching movies at the local AMC and going on road trips with friends.

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Pedro Alarcon

Pedro Alarcon
Graduate Assistant

Pedro is from Nyack, NY and transferred to Binghamton University in the Fall of 2020. He graduated with a B.S in Human Development in 2023 and is currently pursuing his Master in Social Work. Pedro wants to become a faith based mental health counselor and help out the underrepresented population with opening his own practice. Pedro will be assisting with an academic counselor caseload, mentorship assistance, alumni work, event help, and more! Away from SSS, Pedro is a guitarist for the worship team for both Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (BingIVCF) and Globals Medical Missions Alliance (GMMA). Additionally, Pedro loves to listen to music and play instruments. He also loves to learn languages and play sports. 

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