Join us for this year's TRIO Day Celebration

National TRIO Day is a day of celebration, reflection and action focused on increasing access to higher education for disadvantaged students. Federal TRIO Programs help income-eligible and first-generation students enter college and earn a college degree.

Every year on the last Saturday of February, high school and college students, teachers, members of Congress, local officials, TRIO Programs staff, participants and alumni and many others gather together to:

  • Celebrate the positive impact of federal TRIO Programs in our communities throughout the nation,
  • Reflect on the importance of educational opportunity programs in creating a fairer society for all Americans and
  • Act to protect and further access to higher education for income-eligible and first-generation students.

Here at Binghamton, we host a large, region-wide event for National TRIO Day every year.

**Events Below have passed**

Saturday, Feb. 25 from 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (Old Union Hall)