Dickinson Community

The "Original Community" is now the newest!

Dickinson Community is the birthplace of the residential collegiate system at Binghamton University. As the first area built, it became a model for all the others. 

Todays new buildings are designed to meet all modern standards of safety, functionality and comfort.

Dickinson has long been known as the most diverse and social community. Our residents also have the reputation of being serious students, involved in a variety of campus organizations and activities. This reputation has been earned over the decades of our history, and we fully expect to take this character to the new buildings.


Dickinson is comprised of four residence halls with more than 1,500 residents living in "flats" of either four single rooms or two doubles and a single.

  • Digman
  • Johnson
  • O'Connor
  • Rafuse

Resources for our residents

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rent a summer dickinson storage locker

Only Dickinson residents may rent storage lockers in the community during the academic year. All students returning to campus housing for fall '15 may reserve a locker for summer storage beginning April 1, 2015. Click here for online registration.

Last Updated: 4/24/15