Welcome to Hinman College!

Hinman College is filled with energy, tradition, and spirit!!

In Hinman, we place an emphasis on the most important parts of residential living: fostering relationships, tradition, and community engagement. Our residents are active and dedicated participants in the social and academic life that our community has to offer.

Hinman is proud to have an area wide focus on Community Service and Leadership, which is incorporated into a variety of our events and traditions throughout the year! We offer resources to our students such as the Hinman Success Center, designed to ensure the academic achievement of our students. In the Success Center, students have access to computers, printers, study spaces, and the Discovery Center for academic tutoring and advising. Hinman is also equipped with tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, basketball courts, two open fields, and benches/picnic table seating all for outdoor pursuits. Our dining hall is equipped with seven different food stations, which serve a variety of culinary options and also contains a convenience store on the bottom floor. To top it off, Hinman College is centrally located across from the campus lecture halls!

Hinman is comprised of five residence halls (Cleveland, Hughes, Lehman, Roosevelt, and Smith) with approximately 1,000 residents living in four- and six-person suites.

Last Updated: 3/13/17