Faculty Recruitment Procedures

Each spring semester the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost sends out a notification soliciting requests for faculty recruitment for the following academic year.

The following are guidelines for departmental hires that have been approved.

  1. The hiring unit completes a position request form located at https://hrforms.binghamton.edu/.

    • The fund source must be identified.

  2. The Human Resources Office will assign, and notify the hiring unit of, a line number for the position.

    • A line number is necessary prior to advertising a position to ensure that funding has been identified, the position has been approved, and a line exists for the new hire.

  3. Prior to advertising, the hiring unit must complete, and receive back, an approved Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Search Form Part I – Notice of Vacancy and Recruitment Plan. A copy of the job advertisement should be attached to the Part I Form.

    • Interview Exchange, the campus’s applicant tracking system, must be used by the hiring unit to conduct its search. The job advertisement should direct applicants to https://binghamton.interviewexchange.com.

    • If the hiring unit anticipates the potential hiring of a foreign national and subsequent petitioning for permanent residency, be mindful of the fact that there are specific advertising procedures that need to be followed, including at least one print advertisement OR posting for a minimum of 30 days on the website of a national professional journal.

  4. DDEI emails a copy of the approved Part I to Human Resources and to the Provost’s Office. The Provost’s Office posts the vacancy on the following:

  5. The Chair of the Search Committee must communicate with the Dean to find out the number of candidates allowed for on-campus interviews and, in cases where the Dean’s Office is paying for recruiting expenses, the amount authorized to spend on recruiting. The Dean may review the curricula vitae to approve which candidates are invited to campus for an interview.

  6. The hiring unit must complete DDEI Search Form Part IIa – Pre-Screening/Remote Inquiry Approval to contact applicants for the purpose of clarifying qualifications. This form must be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Diversity prior to extending invitations for remote inquiry.

  7. Once candidates have been selected for position consideration, the hiring unit must complete DDEI Search Form Part IIb – Approval for Campus Interview to conduct on-campus or remote interviews. This form must be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Diversity prior to offering interviews.

  8. The hiring unit invites candidates to campus (January-April).

    • The candidate should be scheduled to meet with the Dean;

    • The candidate may be scheduled to meet the Associate Dean(s), if appropriate;

    • If hiring at or above the Associate Professor level, the candidate should be scheduled to meet with the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost;

    • If hiring at or above the Associate Professor level, the candidate should be scheduled to meet with the Vice President for Research;

    • During the candidate’s visit, the hiring unit should have the candidate sign a Travel Voucher;

    • Visa candidates may volunteer immigration documents at this time.

  9. During the interviewing process, the Department Chair or Dean should discuss with the candidate his or her research needs and space needs.

    • As offers are made, new space needs should be outlined and forwarded to Michelle Ponczek, Director of Course Building and Academic Space Management, at mponczek@binghamton.edu.

  10. After the interviews have been completed, the Department Chair or Search Committee Chair notifies the Dean of the hiring recommendation.

  11. Prior to extending an offer of employment, the candidate’s credentials must be verified. If the candidate’s institution is within the United States, please send an e-mail to provost@binghamton.edu, including the candidate’s name, institution, degree type, and year the degree was awarded for verification using the National Student Clearinghouse. For international institutions, and for those not participating in the National Student Clearinghouse, the Search Committee Chair will be required to obtain degree verification by contacting the Registrar’s Office of the institution and submitting a Verification of Faculty Candidate Credential form to provost@binghamton.edu.

  12. Once the candidate has been agreed upon by the Dean, the hiring unit must complete DDEI Search Form – Part III Recommendation of Finalist. This form must be signed by the Assistant Vice President for Diversity prior to any offer of employment being extended (verbal or written). DDEI emails the approval to the hiring unit, the Dean’s Office, and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

    • If a suitable candidate is not found or a candidate declines an offer of employment, the search can remain open but must be included in the following year’s budget allocation request process and approved by the Provost. A new Part IIa and Part IIb must also be completed and submitted to DDEI.

  13. The Chair of the Department, in collaboration with the Dean, begins negotiations with the candidate on the offer.

  14. If the faculty hire requires University research start-up support, the Start-Up Request Form needs to be completed in accordance with campus policy. No start-up funding can be committed until this document is reviewed and signed by all appropriate parties. The Assistant Dean for Finance in the hiring school/college, in conjunction with the hiring department, should complete this form and obtain approval from the Dean and Department Chair. Then, the Assistant Dean for Finance should submit the request via email to Erin Neske and Lisa Gilroy, copying John Cordi and Sarah Kane, for review and approval.

  15. The Dean’s Office sends a formal written offer letter to the candidate. A scanned copy of the offer letter is also sent to: the Provost at provost@binghamton.edu; the Vice President for Research at bahgat@binghamton.edu; the Associate Vice President for Research and RF Operations Manager lgilroy@binghamton.edu; the Budget Director at sekane@binghamton.edu; the Assistant Vice President for Diversity DEIsearch@binghamton.edu; the Associate Dean(s); and the Department Chair of the hiring unit.

  16. Included in the offer letter should be the following:

    • the URL address for the United University Professions Agreement http://uupinfo.org/;

    • the statement, “As per requirements of the Cleary Act, potential Binghamton University employees may find university crime statistics online at https://www.binghamton.edu/student-handbook/asfr.html;

    • if appropriate, a conditional hire statement whereby if the candidate does not fulfill his or her PhD requirements by August 31st, the appointment will be with the title of Lecturer*;

    • if the candidate has a Visa classification, the appointment must be temporary and the letter must include a statement that the offer is contingent upon appropriate employment authorization;

    • an I-9 form;

    • an Oath of Office card;

    • the NYS Public Officer’s Law;

    • a hardcopy of the Policies of the Board of Trustees;

    • a Personal Data Form;

    • notification that benefits information can be obtained at https://www.binghamton.edu/human-resources/employee-benefits/;

    • reimbursement of moving expenses is not mandatory; however, if the candidate will be reimbursed for moving expenses, a statement about the amount to be reimbursed should be included in the offer letter. The hiring unit should visit Accounts Payable for reimbursement policies and procedures.

    • faculty startup award amount, if applicable.

      * The title of Lecturer will be effective until January 1st if PhD requirements are completed prior to that date. If the faculty member’s salary is to be increased with the title change to Assistant Professor, the Dean will decide whether to make the increase effective immediately upon receipt of the PhD or effective on March 1st, the start of the spring semester payroll.
  17. Renegotiations often occur and the Dean sends a revised offer letter to the candidate, copying all parties on the original distribution.

  18. Once a candidate accepts or declines an offer, the Dean’s Office should e-mail the candidate’s decision and signed offer letter if applicable to the following: provost@binghamton.edu, sekane@binghamton.edu, lgilroy@binghamton.edu, DEIsearch@binghamton.edu, and vmetriti@binghamton.edu.

    • If the candidate who accepts a position is a Visa holder, the hiring unit must contact Meaghan Liberati in Human Resources at mliberati@binghamton.edu to begin the H-1B process.

  19. The last DDEI search form, the Final Search Determination Form (/diversity-equity-inclusion/forms/index.html), must be completed and submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Diversity.
  20. The hiring unit must complete and submit the appropriate HR form located at https://hrforms.binghamton.edu/.

Additional guidelines can be found on the DDEI website at https://www.binghamton.edu/diversity-equity-inclusion/resources/hiring.html