Our Services

ADL offers a broad spectrum of problem-solving analytical services, ranging from materials and device characterization, process evaluation, quality control, reliability and failure analysis, to specialized testing based on customer needs. ADL’s multidisciplinary team of dedicated staff and instrument resources provide support in the fields of electronics, chemicals, materials, aerospace and defense, additive manufacturing, medical applications and more. The lab’s array of more than 50 state-of-the-art instruments, all under one roof, allows multi-technique analysis with a quick turnaround time and a thorough understanding of the problem at hand. By providing accurate and reliable solutions, ADL has helped its customers reach the highest standards of product quality and reliability. Our experience and problem-solving focus allow us to work with you to develop an approach that meets your needs on your timeline and budget. Our goal is to provide you not only data, but to deliver results with insight and understanding for action.

  • Materials Testing & Characterization
    • Identification of unknown materials (surface or buried contaminants, inclusions, impurities, corrosion products, etc. via elemental composition, chemical analysis, organic functional groups, and depth profiling)


    • Micro/Nano-structural analysis of materials

    - electron microscopy, optical microscopy, AFM

    • Measurement of crystallinity, phase identification, and crystal orientation mapping


    • Measurement of surface properties (topography, roughness, waviness, 3D size of micro/nano features, film thickness, and optical constants)

    - AFM, profilometry, ellipsometry, electron microscopy

    • Measurement of thermal properties (phase transitions, glass transition temperature, specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, thermal expansion, and thermal decomposition)


    • Non-destructive analysis of internal layers, features, and embedded defects

    - HAXPES, 2D X-ray imaging, 3D X-ray computer tomography, acoustic microscopy (C-SAM)

    • Destructive analysis of internal layers, features, and embedded defects

    mechanical, chemical, and ion polishing; microtome; targeted micro-sectioning with FIB

  • Failure Analysis

    ADL has extensive expertise and a full set of sample preparation tools for performing precise cross-sectioning and/or flat-sectioning to expose device failures.

    • Precision cutting; mechanical, chemical, and ion polishing; microsurgery; microtome slicing; and localized micro cross-sectioning can be performed.
    • The exposed failure site can then be analyzed to determine microstructure, chemical composition, and other relevant physical properties.
    • The ADL team can then perform data analysis to determine possible failure modes and the root cause.
    • A comprehensive report describing the measurements, failure analysis results, and guidance for preventive measures can be provided.
  • Equipment Access

    ADL users have access to over 50 instruments, available 24/7 to all trained and authorized users.

    • Instrument training is provided with no additional cost.
    • Training materials are available online.
    • Fast and easy equipment reservation is provided via our Facility Online Manager (FOM) system.
    • Online data storage, secured access, and data sharing.
    • Instruments are regularly maintained by the staff.
  • Consulting Services

    The ADL team includes dedicated PhD scientists and engineers with backgrounds in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

    • Our team has extensive experience in the electronics industry and academic research. Some are leaders in electronics packaging research.
    • Our team is available to solve industry R&D and manufacturing problems.
    • We provide consultation on technical matters such as appropriate techniques/instruments to use for testing, appropriate sample preparation, data analysis, and product and process development.
  • Collaboration

    The ADL is available to collaborate on long-term and short-term projects on product, process, and materials R&D.

    • Over the years, ADL has collaborated with its partners on different fields ranging from development of 2.5/3D electronic packages, Pb-free solders, and temperature sensors to quality control of connectors and cables.

    Here are some examples of major ADL collaborations with published research:

    • Cu wirebond reliability studies with ASE

    - Two peer-reviewed journal articles and Two ECTC conference papers

    • Testing of flash memory devices with NTSB

    - Non-destructive evaluation of memory devices

    - Studies of effects of x-ray exposure on flash memories - IMAPS symposium paper

    • Strain engineering on epitaxial BiFeO3 film with Tohoku University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

    - Six peer-reviewed journal articles and five conference presentations

    ADL staff can also tap into faculty resources for consultation and collaborations, as needed.

  • Training & Workforce Development
    • ADL staff provides extensive user training with user-scheduled training sessions.
    • ADL experts are also available for off-site training at customer locations on their lab instrumentation and techniques of interest.
    • ADL’s graduate assistants are given extensive training for working on industry-funded projects to help them prepare for their industry jobs.
    • ADL participates in community outreach programs by giving lectures in Binghamton University’s graduate programs, lab tours and demos for local K-12 schools, Scouts and local residents to promote awareness of the importance of research/careers in science, engineering and mathematics.