User Information

ADL-managed facilities are open to Binghamton University students and faculty, as well as members of other academic institutions and external organizations. Users may access our facilities after going through a registration process and completing prerequisite trainings. Information becoming a new user can be found on either the Binghamton Users or External Users page, depending on your affiliation.

For External Industrial & Academic Clients

If you prefer, the ADL staff can operate instruments and perform laboratory investigations on your behalf. Many industrial clients engage the services of the ADL’s professional staff as a more cost-effective option than deploying their own staff or outfitting their own dedicated laboratories. For information on services that the ADL offers, please visit our Services page.

ADL Small Grant Program for Binghamton Faculty

Binghamton University faculty members are eligible to apply for an ADL small grant that provides a one-year, $2,500 credit toward user fees generated through use of instruments in the S3IP labs.

To Become an ADL User

All in-person users must first attend a mandatory orientation, which covers:

  • Prerequisite lab safety trainings
  • How to sign up as a new user on our FOM server
  • How to make a request for instrument training
  • How to retrieve data
  • ADL safety policies
  • ADL billing policies

If you are ready to become an ADL user, email Jenny Sammakia to schedule an ADL orientation session.