Watson School Intra-University Transfer (IUT) or Double Degree (DD)

We welcome your application for internal transfer or double degree to the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. Admission to the Watson School is selective. Review the specific requirements for engineering and computer science majors and meet with a Watson academic advisor. Note: Fulfilling requirements does not guarantee admission.

Engineering majors

A 3.0 cumulative GPA average or higher is required (3.2 or higher for mechanical engineering).

Students must have completed and demonstrated success in the following courses:

  • Chemistry 111
  • Math 224/225
  • Physics 131
    Writing/Composition and math/science/computer science (eight credits total):
    • Students seeking and IUT or double degree need to substitute four credits in writing/composition for WTSN 103 and 104 AND substitute four credits in math, science and/or computer science for WTSN 111 and 112 (Watson enrollment for WTSN 103, 104, 111 and 112 are restricted to freshmen.)
    • Course substitutions are reviewed and approved under advisement from Watson School Advising.
  • General education: Eight credits of general education requirements are strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

Computer science majors

Applications for internal transfer (IUT) or double degree (DD) to the Department of Computer Science in the Watson School are welcomed, however, it is very competitive.

Application process:

Applications for IUT or DD admission must be submitted online via BU BRAIN by:

  • November 15 for spring admission
  • March 15 for fall admission

Decisions are emailed to the student's Binghamton BMail address.

Priority is given to candidates who have demonstrated very strong academic performance in the pre-requisite courses identified on this page.

Admission requirements

All IUT transfer students must have earned at least a 3.2 cumulative average for consideration at the time of application. Recently admitted students had an average GPA of 3.7. Students can apply once they are enrolled in either CS 220 or CS 240. Enrollment in these courses depends on completion of the courses below. Students should earn at least a 3.2 in each of the following courses, which must be taken before applying for IUT transfer:  

  • Math 224/225
  • Math 226/227
  • CS 110
  • CS 120 and 140- non-major students are enrolled in computer science major courses on a space-available basis by permission of the undergraduate director. Enrollment is very competitive for non-majors and all of the courses have prerequisites.
  • One C or J General Education course.

Other course considerations

Since admission is not guaranteed, it's recommended that students make progress with their General Education requirements and an alternative major while awaiting a decision to the BSCS program.

Time to degree

Note: If a student has not made significant progress by their sophomore year, it may take more than four years to complete the BSCS degree.

The MS alternative

Students who delay taking computer science courses and cannot complete the BSCS in four (4) years but have an interest and aptitude for mathematics and computer science should contact the undergraduate and graduate directors for advice on selecting bridge courses and then apply to the Master’s in Computer Science program.

Enrolling in the CS minor is also an alternative but is also very competitive.

Academic questions?

Before completing the online application via BU BRAIN, direct your questions concerning course selection, transfer credit or other academic issues to the Watson Academic Advising Office.