Housing and Transportation

Where to Live

All graduate students live off campus. Off-Campus Programs and Services is a great resource that provides a housing search database, roommate search, advice for renter safety and things to do in Binghamton. Many students choose to live in Binghamton (typically on the west side or downtown), Johnson City or the nearby Village of Endicott.

Transportation Options

Get around by car, bus or bike!

Many people ask if they need a car in the Binghamton area. It’s certainly a convenience, but you can get around without one. Visit Transportation and Parking Services for information about buses, parking on campus and alternative transportation available. 

  • Students can access free bus service to and from campus through Off-Campus College Transport.
  • Students can get around the Binghamton area for free with the Broome County Transit with their student ID.
  • Binghamton has partnered with Koloni to bring a bikeshare program to campus. There’s also covered bike storage throughout various locations on campus. 
  • The University's partnership with 511NY Rideshare makes finding carpools simple.
  • Uber and Lyft are readily available 

International Students

Binghamton University is located near Binghamton, New York, which is approximately 185 miles northeast of New York City. Students flying to an airport in New York City or Newark, New Jersey, can travel to Binghamton via a connecting flight or bus.