Carpooling and Ridesharing

511NY Rideshare

Binghamton University has partnered with 511NY Rideshare, a free carpooling match database.

511NY Rideshare offers an easy way to find a carpool for everyday commutes and travel to and from home on holidays and breaks.

Connect with those in the Binghamton University community by signing up and setting up a free profile. 


Carpool to campus incentives

TAPS offers carpooling incentives to encourage carpooling. Students, faculty and staff who purchase a permit are eligible to participate in a program that provides preferential parking for carpoolers. During Information Booth hours of operation, when a vehicle with at least three total occupants stops at the Information Booth, the driver will receive access to the Visitor's Paid Lot and Parking Garage. The vehicle must have a valid parking permit and all individuals in the vehicle must show their University ID. In addition, commuter students who purchase a pass for $160 are also eligible to accumulate times participated towards money back on the driver's purchased permit. At the end of an academic year, if participants carpooled 35 times or more, a one time $25 will be returned to the permit holder. All reimbursements will be checks.

Rideshare Safety

Ridesharing is another alternative transportation option that the campus community can utilize through their applications. It's important to keep these safety tips in mind when using these services.

Confirm the driver and the car
When your car arrives, confirm that the driver and license plate match with the information given through the application.

Check the driver's rating
Most ridesharing applications allow prior customers to rate their driver's service. Be sure to check out your driver's rating before selecting them.

Avoid riding in the front seat
By sitting in the back seat of your vehicle, you can easily exit on either side based on oncoming traffic.

Travel in groups when possible
There is often safety in numbers. Try traveling with at least one other person when possible or use the carpooling function on certain applications.

Never give cash
Most ridesharing applications automatically charge rides to the rider's credit card so no cash is exchanged. If you are asked to pay cash, this may be a red flag.

Share your trip details with a friend
If a ridesharing application gives you the ability to share your location, it is suggested you do so.

Give feedback on your trip via the application
By offering feedback on your trip, ridesharing services can continue to improve their service and their drivers' service.