Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences Intra-University Transfer and Double Degree

Decker College admits students from other Binghamton University majors into the sophomore and junior nursing class each year. Students may apply as intra-university transfer students if they wish to change majors or double-degree applicants if they would like to pursue nursing in addition to their current major. NOTE: Beginning in fall 2024, Decker College will admit students only as incoming juniors (all prerequisites must be completed).* 

*Students who are part of the Binghamton University Scholars program are exceptions to this and should email to speak with an academic advisor.

Additional details are available on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing webpage. 

Application process

Current Binghamton University students may apply to the traditional nursing program using the Intra-University Transfer and Double-Degree application in BU Brain. Applications are reviewed for the fall semester only.

Applications are due by March 15. Late applications are not accepted. Decisions are released by July 1.

If admitted, your student record will be updated. If your plans have changed and you do not want to accept your IUT or Double Degree, you must notify the Admissions Office within 5 days of your decision to avoid registration problems.

Admissions eligibility

See Decker’s website for more information about eligibility:


See Decker's website for more information about applying:


Decker College Division of Advising and Academic Excellence
Health Sciences Building, Room 130