Watson College Intra-University Transfer (IUT) or Double Degree (DD)

We welcome your application for internal transfer or double degree to the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science. Admission to Watson College is selective. Review the specific requirements for engineering and computer science majors and meet with a Watson academic advisor (required) during drop-in hours (Monday-Thursday, 9:30-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m; Fridays 9:30-11:30 a.m.).

Note: Fulfilling requirements does not guarantee admission.

If admitted, your student record will be updated. If your plans have changed and you do not want to accept your IUT or Double Degree, you must notify the Admissions Office within 5 days of your decision to avoid registration problems.

Engineering majors

A 3.0 cumulative GPA average or higher is recommended (3.2 or higher for mechanical engineering).

Students must have completed and demonstrated success in the following courses:

  • Chemistry (CHEM) 104, 105 and 106
  • Math 224/225, MATH 226/227
  • Physics 131
  • Writing composition course "C" or "J" ("J" is recommended)
  • Computer science course (Recommended: HARP 150, HARP 151 or CS 110) 
    • Course substitutions are reviewed and approved under advisement from Watson College Advising.
    • General education: Eight credits of general education requirements are strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

Computer science majors

Applications to the Department of Computer Science for intra-university transfer (IUT), or for adding CS as a double degree (DD), are welcome. The process is extremely competitive and only a small number of current students are accepted into the CS major each year.

Application process:

Applications for IUT or DD admission must be submitted online via BU BRAIN by March 15; accepted students become CS majors beginning the following Fall semester. Decisions are communicated by email to the student’s BMail address.


Decisions about IUT applications are based on space availability each year. CS is a very popular major with limited seats in required courses. All IUT applicants must have earned at least a 3.5 cumulative average for consideration.

Decisions will be based on the applicant's:

  • academic performance to date, especially in the most relevant courses (including but not limited to math and writing courses), and

  • demonstrated interest and aptitude for computer science, computer programming, or both.

Ideally, applicants should have completed Calculus I and II (MATH 224/225 and MATH 226/227). If an applicant has transfer credit for these courses, then 8 credits in MATH at the 300 level or higher are recommended. Students should also have completed one C or J General Education course.

Other considerations

Apply early

Students are encouraged to apply for IUT or DD admission as early as possible in their academic careers, to ensure sufficient time to complete the CS major requirements, or to pursue other interests. Ideally, IUT to CS, or the addition of CS as a second degree, would happen within a student’s first year at Binghamton University.

Time to degree

Students who wish to major in CS, but who have been enrolled at Binghamton University for more than one year without taking CS courses, should be aware that meeting the requirements of the CS major could delay graduation.

MS alternative

As an alternative to an undergraduate CS major, some students may be able to complete a major such as mathematics, enroll in some bridge courses, and then apply to earn a masters in CS or information science at Binghamton. Contact our undergraduate or graduate director if you would like to consider this option.

Academic questions?

Before completing the online application via BU BRAIN, direct your questions concerning course selection, transfer credit or other academic issues to the Watson Academic Advising Office.