Special talent art

Art Special Talent Applicants

Submitting a special talent for review at Binghamton University is an opportunity for your talents to be actively considered in your admissions process. It is a chance to showcase your talents; it does not affect your intended major. However, the portfolio is intended for students who desire to pursue this interest in some way at Binghamton University. All required materials must be received by January 15. 

Note: Special talent supplements will be considered during the Regular Decision application review (Jan. 15). Students who apply Early Action and submit a special talent supplement will have this component reviewed if they are deferred to Regular Decision.


Step 1: Apply to Binghamton

Step 2: Submit special talent form (deadline is Jan.15)  Note: You'll need your username and password to log in. Your username is emailed to you after your application is received.

Step 3: Upload the requirements below to your online status checker

General requirements

  •  A letter detailing your interest area(s) in art and summarizing your artistic experience and training. You may send an informal letter and a resume if you wish.
  • Upload your artwork.
    • Incorporate a variety of art samples into your submission. We are looking for diverse portfolios and accept sculpture, drawings, paintings, graphic design, photography and printmaking.
  • We take into consideration the following:
    • Creativity
    • Presentation
    • Variety