Special talent cinema

Cinema Special Talent Applicants

Submitting a special talent for review at Binghamton University is an opportunity for your talents to be actively considered in your admissions process. It is a chance to showcase your talents; it does not affect your intended major; however, only students applying to the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences may submit a portfolio. All required materials must be received by January 15. 

Note: Special talent supplements will be considered during the Regular Decision application review (Jan. 15). Students who apply Early Action and submit a special talent supplement will have this component reviewed if they are deferred to Regular Decision.


Step 1: Apply to Binghamton

Step 2: Submit special talent form (deadline is Jan.15)  Note: You'll need your username and password to log in. Your username is emailed to you after your application is received.

Step 3: Upload the requirements below to your online status checker

General requirements

  • Personal statement explaining why you are interested in studying filmmaking at the University level and summarizing your art-making experience, as well as an exhibition, performance, and screening record if any.

Portfolio requirements

  • Two sample creative works should be submitted via links to all time-based samples, including film/video, sound, and performance projects, and the total length of the projects should not exceed 15 minutes. We prefer to receive complete projects rather than excerpts. However, if an applicant is submitting a longer work, we will accept an excerpt. Applicants may submit images and work from other mediums as digital image files, including drawings, installations, paintings, and photographs, and a number of such samples should not exceed 10.
  • A short description of both works should be submitted as a single file.