Home-Schooled Applicants

Binghamton is happy to accept and review applications from students who received their education through home-schooling experiences.

To maintain consistency in how we read applications from all students and to ensure we can thoroughly evaluate whether you've met the necessary foundation of skills and academic credentials to be successful at Binghamton as a home-schooled applicant, you must submit the materials below in addition to those required of all first-year applicants.

Out-of-state applicants

The requirements for home-schooled students are set by each state, and vary from state to state. If you reside outside of New York, contact admissions counselor Caitlin Wuest at 607-777-2171 or cwuest1@binghamton.edu if you have questions regarding the requirements for your state and what materials may be necessary for admissions review.

New York state applicants

An individualized home instruction plan (IHIP), a complete portfolio of your work or quarterly reports for three years.

Optional materials for admission review (New York state applicants)

We recognize that each home school experience is different and encourage you to submit supplemental items that support your application and provide the Admissions Committee with additional information to measure your ability in different areas. If applicable, please submit:

  • High school transcript(s) for any coursework completed or in-progress
  • College transcript(s) for any coursework completed or in-progress
  • Official score reports for AP and/or IB exams
  • Indication of participation in a college or research summer program (this may be noted on your application)

Submit materials (New York state residents)

  • By mail: Binghamton University, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, PO Box 6001, Binghamton, NY 13902-6001
  • Fax:   607-777-4445
  • Scan and email: cwuest1@binghamton.edu 

Upon enrollment (New York state residents)

Students who are admitted and choose to enroll at Binghamton will be required to submit additional information to finalize their enrollment. Note: these materials are not required for admissions review.

Required materials for enrollment (New York state residents)

  • An individualized home instruction plan (IHIP) for all four years or a complete portfolio of your work. Quarterly reports covering your entire "high school" time are also accepted.


  • A letter from the superintendent of the school district in which you reside attesting to your completion of a program of home instruction that is the substantial equivalent of a four-year high school course of instruction.


  • A high school equivalency diploma (GED). Provide the score report (a passing score is required) and the diploma itself.

Caitlin Wuest is the admissions counselor for home-schooled applicants. Contact her at 607-777-2171 or cwuest1@binghamton.edu if you have any questions about applying to Binghamton.