Africana Honors Program

Honors Program in Africana Studies

Exceptional students majoring in Africana Studies are considered for admission to the honors program upon the successful completion of six semesters or 96 credit hours (including at least 32 in Africana Studies).

The honors program consists of two courses taken in the senior year: AFST 497, Advanced Independent Study/Honors Research and AFST 499, Honors Thesis. Honors in Africana Studies are awarded to students who receive at least a B+ grade in Advanced Independent Study/Honors Research and at least an A– in Honors Thesis.

Students must have a cumulative and major/program 3.5 grade-point average, must be recommended to the program by a faculty who will take responsibility for directing that student’s Honors Thesis and must be granted permission to participate in the program by the department chairperson. Interested students should apply in the spring semester of the junior year to the undergraduate studies director who solicits a sample of the student’s written work in Africana Studies courses and two letters of recommendation from appropriate faculty. Upon acceptance, a Change of Major, Degree or Specialization Form is submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Application for Honors Thesis