Student Groups & Organizations

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Multicultural Resource Center - The mission of the Multicultural Resource Center is to educate the campus community through initiatives designed to increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity, its significance in the advancement of all fields of endeavor and in navigating our world.

Student Organizations

Here is just a sampling of the student organizations that reflect the rich cultural life at Binghamton University:

African Student Organization - acts as an official representative of the African student body in matters affecting them on campus and instills a sense of unity among African students. The organization also educates students about African cultures and lifestyles by hosting cultural events every semester.

Black Student Union - unites people of African descent into an effective lobby for the acknowledgment of their rich culture, including all the aspects of black life. Founded in 1968, BSU was established to ensure black students’ needs would be heard on campus. 

Caribbean Student Association - serves the interests of Caribbean and non-Caribbean students by providing cultural, political and social information about the Caribbean area through guest speakers and annual social events with specific focus on each Caribbean island.

Haitian Student Association - unites Haitian and non-Haitian students on campus and features Haitian Culture Night, speakers and other activities to make the community more aware of Haitians and their culture.

Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization - offers social and academic support to minority students interested in pursuing business careers.

Binghamton University Gospel Choir (BUGC) - spreads gospel messages through song and presents the context, purpose and cultural aspects of gospel music. 

Black Dance Repertoire (BDR) - brings about cultural awareness through the art of black dance.

Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health Society â€“ recruits and supports students of historically disadvantaged and under-represented ethnic groups in their pursuit of careers in the science and health fields.

Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program (JUMP Nation) - combats the rising high-school dropout rate in inner cities by counseling these students to go to college, and brings New York City high-school students to Binghamton to introduce them to university life.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) - dedicated to increasing the recruitment, retention and successful graduation of minorities in engineering.

Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society - supports students of color and pre-law students who plan to attend law school and encourages members to pursue a career in the legal profession.

For a complete listing of support organizations, pre-professional organizations and student groups, visit the Student Association website.