Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

The minor in Africana Studies is designed to give students with majors in other fields a chance to have a supplementary discipline and focus that may combine their academic interests as well as future professional concerns.

Students develop their programs with the advice of departmental faculty. Students may, for example, take a history, PPL, sociology, literature, music, women studies or religion concentration with the supervision of the Africana Studies faculty.

A minimum of six courses (24 credits) is required, including:

  • Any one Africana Studies course at the 100-level
  • Any two courses at the 200-level
  • Any two courses at the 300 upper-level
  • Any one course at the 400 upper-level

Students must earn a grade of C or above in courses fulfilling the minor requirement. No courses fulfilling the minor requirement may be taken Pass/Fail. Students must take 3 of 6 courses at Binghamton University by Africana faculty members for the minor.

For more information visit the university bulletin.