Sharing the Binghamton University bond

By Steve Seepersaud

Brooke Holmberg ’23 was no stranger to Binghamton University before she started freshman year just a few weeks ago. She grew up less than a mile from campus in the Town of Binghamton and both her parents — Eric ’99 and Jennifer ’06 Holmberg — are alumni. Brooke is part of a special group of legacy students; in fact, she’s one of nearly 200 freshmen with a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who graduated from the University.

The Holmbergs said their daughter was attracted to Binghamton because of its academic excellence and closeness to home. And they didn’t need to pressure her after she received her acceptance letter.

“Brooke kind of put all her eggs in one basket, and she only applied to Binghamton,” Eric said. “In fact, she not only graduated from high school a year early, but was accepted to Binghamton as an early decision.”

Brooke — who wants to become a physician — has seen the benefits of a Binghamton education because her father is a teacher in the Susquehanna Valley school district, and her mother is a nurse. The Holmbergs have enjoyed sharing college stories with their daughter, knowing they have Binghamton as a common bond.


“My wife and I are extremely proud and excited Brooke decided to attend Binghamton,” said Eric. “We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at Binghamton for our undergraduate degrees, and Jennifer is enjoying her graduate work [in the Decker School] now.”

“We’ve all toured the campus together, and Jennifer and I have told Brooke numerous experiences we had, from using actual library books to do research, to being in the Lecture Hall and the different buildings we had classes in, and how much the University has grown and changed since we were there in the 1990s.”

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