Information Systems (MS)

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Information Systems program is intended for students who have an interest in computer systems strictly from the user/application perspective and whose career paths are focused on computer hardware and software systems operations and maintenance.

There is increasing demand for professionals skilled in data mining, data analysis, and in creating and configuring systems to process vast quantities of information. The Information Systems program emphasizes this.

This program focuses on developing skills to:

  • Configure and integrate various IS components such as networking and software systems, databases, data analytics and web-based systems and software packages.
  • Develop programming and scripting skills, including software testing skills - starting from basic programming principles to the use of packages and utilities for larger applications.

This differs from computer science (CS) programs, which tend to emphasize software and hardware theoretical foundations, design and formal analysis techniques for assessment of performance, cost, and functional tradeoffs.

The MSIS program has an applied data science track, which provides an option to students who are interested in a data science/analytics career.

Degrees Offered

  • MS in Information Systems
  • MS in Information Systems: Applied Data Science
  • MS in Information Systems: Cybersecurity
  • MS in Information Systems: Web-based Information Systems

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

During their course of study, many students pursue internships both on campus, in local areas such as New York City or even out of state. Watson Career and Alumni Connections offers professional advice and services such as interview guidance, cover letter critiques and networking opportunities.

After You Graduate

CS alumni have gained positions in academia and careers in industry, including major universities and companies around the globe.

Admission Requirements


There are many funding and scholarship opportunities at Binghamton. We encourage prospective students to review available program-specific scholarships and awards, and visit the program's website for additional information. Note: Master's students are generally self-funded, although funding opportunities occasionally arise.