Mechanical Engineering (BS)

Program Overview

Mechanical engineers (ME) design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more. The Watson School ME curriculum offers a balance among theory, design and laboratory experience, and provides excellent preparation for the many ME career paths or for graduate studies.

Degrees Offered

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

Watson School students learn from and work with outstanding and experienced faculty engaged in leading research areas. Students who participate in undergraduate research have the opportunity to delve into a focused area of interest, while gaining meaningful hands-on experience applying technical skills and putting their analytical and critical-thinking abilities into practice.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an international professional society that consists of professional engineers of many disciplines and offers many benefits to students.

Binghamton offers a combined fast-track BS/MBA program that enables ME students to earn an MBA in one additional year beyond the normal four-year BS degree in mechanical engineering.

After You Graduate

The Watson Career and Alumni Connections office provides tailored tools and guidance to transform students' engineering background into a career they are passionate about. They provide career advice, interviewing help, and résumé and cover letter review via walk-in hours, appointment or e-mail.

Graduates go on to find employment in:

  • aerospace engineering
  • architectural design
  • automotive engineering
  • city planning
  • energy (fossil fuels, renewables)
  • environmental impact assessment
  • information technology
  • manufacturing
  • marine engineering/ship design
  • product design (medical and commercial)
  • research and development

Accelerated/4+1 Degrees

You may also be interested in our accelerated/4+1 degree programs which allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just 5 years!

For more information, visit the Mechanical Engineering website.