Medieval and Early Modern Studies (BA, minor)

Program Overview

The medieval and early modern studies major enables students to custom-build an interdisciplinary course of study in the history of political, religious and social institutions and in cultural production — from science and technology to theater, literature, music and art. Courses are selected from departmental offerings across campus.

The program encourages students to concentrate on one geographic region or on the increasing development of global interdependencies while focusing on a particular period or on movement through time. Medieval studies offers two chronological tracks: the medieval track (late fourth through 15th centuries) and the early modern track (15th through 18th centuries). A minor is offered as well.

Degrees Offered

  • BA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies


  • Medieval Studies

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

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Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

With a background in medieval and early modern studies, students develop strong analytic and critical-thinking skills and a deep, nuanced understanding of the relationship between social and cultural developments across time and space.

A few of the careers open to medieval and Renaissance studies majors are shown below, although some may require additional education or experience.

  • archivist
  • author
  • business manager
  • editor
  • English as a Second Language instructor
  • grant writer
  • historian
  • librarian
  • museum curator
  • public policy analyst
  • publisher
  • teacher
  • technical writer

For more information, visit the Medieval and Early Modern Studies website.