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Undergraduate Honors Program

The Undergraduate Honors Program at Binghamton University, in the Art History Department, is one of the most beneficial opportunities available to students.

In this department, admission to the Honors Program requires a 3.5 GPA and a proposal prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor and accepted by the faculty committee. The program gives students the chance to research a principle or artist in the broad range of art history that most intrigues them and create a project based around it. The Honors Program is a year-long commitment. The completion of the project gives participants the chance to have a published thesis, as well as an enormous feeling of achievement. Honors students learn a great deal during the process, and gain experience in writing a thesis paper.

Students entering the Honors Program should contact a potential advisor in her/his area of interest several months before the start of the fall semester to insure the acceptability of the project and the availability of the individual advisor.

The honors thesis should include a title page and a signature page. Honors students should use the attached as a model: Honors Thesis Template (.docx) 

Some of our recent Honors students:

Matt Brady (2018). Advisor: Kevin Hatch.
Thesis Title: "You will only make matters worse": Intention and Non-intention in John Cage's Late Visual Work"

Robbie Oakes (2017). Advisor: Julia Walker.
Thesis Title: "Adolf Loos's House, His Modern Man"

Colin Roth (2017). Advisor: Julia Walker.
Thesis Title: "The Architect and the Imagined Community: The Power of Social Agents in Contemporary National Stadiums"

Aidan Quigley (2016). Advisor: Julia Walker.
Thesis Title: "Vegetating Modernism: Understanding the Green Roof"

Colleen Stapleton (2016). Advisor: Kevin Hatch.
Thesis Title: "Indifferent Objects: Rachel Harrison's Sculpture"

Dan Bontempi (2015). Advisor: Kevin Hatch.
Thesis Title: "Duane Hanson: Art as Object"

Kara Nandin (2015). Advisor: Andrew Walkling.
Thesis Title: "Defining Culture: The Appropriation of the Ojibwa into an American Identity"

Katerina Acuna (2013). Advisor: Nancy Um
Thesis Title: "Osman Hamdi Bey and the Green Mosque: Architectural Imagery in the Construction of an Ottoman Historical Narrative"

Serena Jang (2013). Advisor: Pam Smart
Thesis Title: "Explaining Abstract Expressionism: Meaning and Experience in the Museum"

Eric Wuu (2013). Advisor: Kevin Hatch
Thesis Title: "Openings and Closures, Doorways to Discourse: Zhang Dali's Dialogue"

Amanda Grannis (2012). Advisor: Barbara Abou-el-Haj
Thesis Title: “Convivencia: History, Myth, and Modern Memory”

Maureen Larimore (2012). Advisor: Barbara Abou-el-Haj
Thesis Title: “The Life and Formation of the Cult of Saint Geneviève”

Hunter Claypatch (2011). Advisor: Kathleen Sterling
Thesis Title: “Obsidian Trade and the Formation of Figurine Continuity between Crete and the Cyclades during the Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age”

Thomas Campbell (2008). Advisor: Aruna D'Souza
Thesis Title: "Juggling with the Syntax of Structure: The Physical and Metaphorical Interventions of Gordon Matta-Clark"

Siobhan Phillips (2007). Advisor: Aruna D'Souza
Thesis Title: "Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Diego Rivera's Murals for the National Palace in Mexico City"

Stephanie Eisenberg (2006). Advisor: Aruna D'Souza
Thesis Title: "Jasper Johns: Between Modernism and Postmodernism"

Jennifer Conta (2006). Advisor: Andrew Walkling
Thesis Title: "Vernacular Domestic Architecture and Interior Space in Early Modern London"

Louise Bertini (2005). Advisor: Gerald Kadish
Thesis Title: "Images of Nefertini"

Emily Colasacco (2005). Advisor: John Tagg
Thesis Title: "THE DECODED SEINE: The Meaning of Water in Monet's Highway Bridge and Boat Basin in 1874"

Yong Dae Kim (2005). Advisor: Aruna D'Souza
Thesis Title: "Takashi Murakami and the Mass Production of Arts: Originality and Re-presentation"

Nancy Schindler (2005). Advisor: Pamela Smart
Thesis Title: "Blood and the Erotics of Violence"

Kristina Seekamp (2004). Advisor: John Tagg
Thesis Title: "Unmaking the Museum: Marcel Duchamp's Readymades in Context"

Mary Gustaitis (2001). Advisor: John Tagg
Thesis Title: "Ben Shahn: The Biography of a Mural"

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