Minor Requirements

Art History minor

You must have completed a minimum of 60 credits of coursework before you can declare the minor. The minor in art history consists of 24 credit hours. A P/F grade option may be elected for only one Art History course, but not the 400-level seminar. Courses passed with the grade of D do not fulfill requirements for the minor. Transfer credits toward the minor must be reviewed by the department. A maximum of 8 transfer credits at the 100 and 200 levels will be accepted to satisfy minor requirements, with all other credits being completed through the department's course offerings.

Required Courses

Lower (100-level): Any two from ARTH 102, ARTH 103, ARTH 110, or ARTH 111.

[Please note, ARTH 110 and 111 are new courses, introduced in bulletin year 2015-16. If you have taken ARTH 101 or ARTH 104 (which are no longer being offered), these courses may be used to satisfy this degree requirement. However, if you have already taken ARTH 101, you may not take ARTH 110.]


Intermediate (200-level) and advanced (300-level): No more than 4 credits at 200-level. No more than 4-credits of Independent Study (ARTH 397).


Additional 400-level seminar 4




*Please note: 2-credit courses may count toward total required credits.