Main Gallery

Cuban and Argentina Art          

Visions and Imagination: Cuban-American and Argentinian Art
January 31 – March 14, 2019

Opening reception
Thursday, January 31, 5:00-7:00 pm Reception
5:30 Conversation between the collector and curator
Featuring collector, Jorge Gracia, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Samuel Cappen Chair of Philosophy, SUNY at Buffalo, and curator, Lynette Bosch, SUNY Distinguished Professor, SUNY Geneseo. 


Other Exhibitions


 Maya Tomb Object  

From the Earth: the Making and Meaning of Maya Tomb Objects

Curated by students enrolled in Blood and Thrones: Ancient Maya Art and Architecture (ARTH 386A) taught by visiting assistant professor David Mixter





Some Bodies: Gober, Ligon, Prince

Organized by associate professor Tom McDonough

Generous support for this project is provided by Art Bridges 

 Revisiting the Past  

Revisiting the Past: Neoclassicism in Western Art

Curated by Doug Braun '20, history and anthropology major & Thomas Rice '19, art history and classics major


 The Typography of Rudolf Koch  

The Typography of Rudolf Koch

Curated by Claudia Oliveri '18, art and design major


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