Community Resources

As part of our commitment to serving the community, we have a variety of resources available to community members.

Arts and Cultural Resources

Binghamton University's campus serves as the epicenter for the arts in the Southern Tier, providing opportunities to attend musical and theater performances, film screenings and art exhibitions — all in one location.

Business and Career Resources

Educational Resources

Binghamton University provides a variety of resources and programs to assist K-12 teachers and administrators in fulfilling a shared commitment to improving our schools and educating our children.

Health and Wellness Resources

Binghamton University offers a variety of resources to help improve the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors. These range from wellness and fitness classes to clinics and institutes.

University Expertise

Researchers. Scholars. Leaders. Thinkers. At Binghamton University you'll find great minds everywhere. Why not tap into our wealth of knowledge?

Community Initiatives

Binghamton University faculty, staff and students contribute to the local community through a variety of coursework-related programs (internships, fieldwork, practica, community-engaged learning) and other ventures. The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) cultivates partnerships that strengthen communities and develop active and engaged citizens. The CCE provides support for faculty-led community-engaged teaching and research, coordinates student volunteer initiatives and serves as a resource for community organizations interested in connecting with the University.  

The University offers a wide range of professional and continuing education opportunities for community members; hosts academic conferences on various topics; and provides faculty and staff knowledge to the community through workshops, lectures and other academic outreach efforts.

Projects and programs created and run by Binghamton University students impact the local community in countless ways.

Binghamton University faculty allocate a significant amount of their time conducting research that can improve lives on local, statewide, national and global levels. The University continually develops research collaborations with industry, government, academic, nonprofit and other partners that may prove beneficial to the community and the world.

Economic Impact

Binghamton University positively impacts the local and state economy in terms of economic output, jobs and human capital. University spending on wages and salaries, goods and services, and construction has a direct economic impact, while spending by students and campus visitors indirectly impacts the economy.