The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) brings together scientists, engineers and staff, working together to advance the CAMM mission: to be an international leader in flexible electronics research and development. Drawn from throughout Binghamton University, this multidisciplinary team leads the nation in addressing fundamental technologies and sciences associated with R2R and printed electronics and the larger issues associated with standards, system design and integration, performance, yield and manufacturing. Working with faculty are postdoctoral research associates, research scientists, technical staff, laboratory managers, visiting scientists, graduate and undergraduate students and administrative staff.

Mark Poliks
Director, CAMM
Professor, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering Program
Phone: 607-777-5361

Mark Schadt
Associate Director, CAMM
Phone: 607-777-5319

Detlef Matthias Smilgies
Visiting Scientist, CAMM

Rodney Vargason
CAMM Research Engineer

Theresa Hollister-Ball
Assistant Director for Program Administration and Operations, CAMM
Phone: 607-777-6150

Affiliated Faculty
Peter Borgesen
Reena Dahle (SUNY New Paltz)
Tara Dhakal
Ahyeon Koh
Susan Lu
Jeffrey Mativetsky
Roozbeh Salary (Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia)
James Turner
Darshana Weerawarne (University of Colombo, Sri Lanka)
C. J. Zhong