The CAMM features a 10,000-square-foot facility, housed at the Huron campus in Endicott, N.Y. It includes a panel line for process/product development and an integrated roll-to-roll (R2R) research line for product development using R2R manufacturing.

Tools include: Azores High Precision Photolithography Aligner/Exposure Tool, CHA Industries High Vacuum Coater, Bobst High Vacuum Coater, Energy Conversion Devices ECD-IV In Line Defect Inspection Tool, Northfield Automation Web Handling Systems, Kraemer Koating Cleaning/Wet Process Tool, Hollmuller Sigmund Wet Stripper/Developer Tool.

The CAMM provides additional infrastructure in materials analysis and systems integration.

These facilities are maintained by Ph.D.-level professional staff and provide shared research equipment for all partners. CAMM offers expert training of students, scientists and engineers in experimental techniques; technical expertise necessary to operate sophisticated experimental equipment effectively and consistently; facilitated cooperation between industry and universities; and a meeting ground for researchers to foster interactions that may develop into new interdisciplinary collaborations.