Community-Engaged Learning and Research Showcase

Thank you for attending the Community-Engaged Learning and Research Showcase. Please see below for a list of featured research posters from the event.

  • 2023-24 featured projects

    434 Greenway Wayfinding
    Alessandro Segalini Art and Design 
    Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study
    New York State Department of Transportation Region 9
    To create a wayfinding system for the new 434 Greenway that supports navigation and awareness of the pathway's historical heritage and connection to the community.

    A Collaborative Social Emotional Group for Students with Special Needs
    Cassandra Natali Speech and Language Pathology
    Newark Valley Central School District
    To provide local students with a collaborative internship experience that focused on developing social-emotional skills and adapting materials for students with special needs.

    Analysis of Rail Line Accessibility, Track Accidents, and Incident Reduction, Broome County New York
    Norah F. Henry Geography 
    Skye Naslund Geography 
    To examine the occurrences of injuries and deaths on US rail lines, particularly in Broome County, and provide suggestions on how to reduce incidents and accessibility of rail lines.

    Benefits from Attending a Community-Based Tai Chi Class in Broome County
    Suzanne O'Brien Physical Therapy
    Patima Silsupadol Physical Therapy
    Guthrie Lourdes Tai Chi Program, Vestal 
    To develop an understanding of psychosocial factors affecting older adults' behavior and prevent age bias in physical therapy practice after an ICE experience.

    Building Bridges: Fostering a Love for Italian Heritage and Culture
    Rachel Samiani Romance Languages and Literatures 
    Union-Endicott Central School District
    To promote the importance of continuing foreign language education, increase the number of Italian majors and minors and build research and communication skills in the target language while providing opportunities for students to learn and practice teaching pedagogy and gain knowledge about University life and Italian studies.

    Climate Change and Food Shortage
    Tyler Lenga Student Transition and Success, Emerging Leaders Program
    Chenango Valley School District
    To develop effective leadership skills, form valuable connections within the University and local leaders, and give back to the community through attending workshops, volunteering and organizing educational programs.

    Communicating About Climate Change and Health: A Binghamton University Broome County Health Department Partnership
    Deborah Schechter Biomedical Anthropology
    Broome County Health Department
    To help the Broome County Health Department (BCHD) collect information about climate-related vulnerabilities in the community to address climate change's significant risks to human health.

    Developing A User Module For Community Dwelling Older Adults With Online Accessibility
    Vipul Lugade Motion Analysis Research Laboratory (MARL), Physical Therapy
    Broome County Office for Aging
    Broome County Senior Centers
    Broome County Community Centers
    To develop and optimize feedback systems and measure longitudinal changes in gait and balance among older adults in Broome County.

    Development and Validation of the Pediatric Wellbeing Picture Scale
    Judith Quaranta Community Health Nursing Program
    Rosa Darling Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Windsor Central School District 
    To develop and validate a wellbeing screening for children.

    Effects of mTBI History on Sway in Professional Hockey Players
    Vipul Lugade Motion Analysis Research Laboratory (MARL), Physical Therapy
    Binghamton Black Bears
    United Health Services
    To examine the effects of self-reported mTBI history on sway in professional hockey players and to further research to determine the effects of widespread under-reporting of concussions.

    Evaluation of the Rural Food and Health Network PRx (Produce Prescription) Program
    Barrett P. Brenton Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    Rural Food and Health Network of South Central New York
    To evaluate the effectiveness of the Produce Prescription Program of South Central NY (PRxSCNY) in addressing food insecurity rates among individuals managing chronic disease in southern New York and provide insights for similar assistance programs.

    French Club at Vestal Hills Elementary School
    Nahed Noureddine Romance Languages and Literatures
    Vestal Hills Elementary School
    To introduce elementary school students to the basics of French language and culture, and inspire them to pursue further learning in the future.

    Language and Literacy Leading to Positive Solutions for Families and Children
    Marisa Mooney Speech and Language Pathology
    Tracy Lyman Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership
    Tina Caswell Speech and Language Pathology
    Kara Nunn Speech and Language Pathology
    Southern Tier Community Center
    To provide early childhood parent/caregiver training for language, literacy and social/emotional communication development.

    Methamphetamine Use Trends in Broome County: A Community-Engaged Project
    Miesha Marzell Public Health
    Addiction Center of Broome County
    To understand the trends of methamphetamine use in our local community. Working with a community partner with the purpose to bring knowledge and awareness to our community.

    Music & Opera in our Community
    Jean Goodheart Music
    Dave Toulson Music
    Tom Goodheart Music
    Binghamton City School District
    Gilbertsville-Mount Upton School District
    Johnson City School District
    Whitney Point School District
    Campus Pre-School and Early Childhood Center, Inc. 
    To teach students in area elementary schools in a novel way about storytelling, fairy-tales & imagination by immersing them in the world of music and opera.

    Outcomes of an Adapted Cooking Program with Adults with Developmental Disabilities
    Kara Nunn Speech and Language Pathology
    Cody Dew Speech and Language Pathology
    GiGi's Playhouse Southern Tier 
    To investigate and develop a therapeutic program that incorporates evidence-based practice to improve the language and social communication abilities of adults with developmental language disorders and to study its effectiveness through participant feedback and analysis.

    Planting a Living Treaty with Indigenous Communities: Establishing a University-Placed Three Sisters Sovereignty Garden
    Barrett P. Brenton Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    BrieAnna Langlie Anthropology
    Ethan Tyo Multicultural Resource Center
    Joshua DeMarree Biological Sciences
    Onondaga Nation Farm
    To establish a Two Row Wampum Living Treaty as a decolonizing alternative to performative Land Acknowledgement Statements made by institutions of higher education and to strengthen sustainable partnerships through indigenous insights on cycles of planting and harvesting the garden.

    Reflections from a Fall Risk Assessment of Older Adults in Broome County
    Patima Silsupadol Physical Therapy
    Suzanne O'Brien Physical Therapy
    Broome County Senior Centers 
    To outline important steps for physical therapists in assessing and interpreting cognitive and physical function in older adults and to promote age bias prevention in practice.

    Sparking Curiosity: Hands-on STEM Outreach for Middle Schoolers
    Yizeng Li Biomedical Engineering
    Binghamton City School District West Middle School
    To provide engaging STEM programs to local middle school students to enrich their educational experience while fostering a sense of community responsibility for college students.

    The Vital Role of Food Councils in Addressing Food Security for Rust Belt Communities
    Barrett P. Brenton Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    Monica Adams Social Work
    Valerie Imbruce Center for Environment & Society (Washington College)
    Broome County Food Council
    To explore the potential of Food Councils in addressing food insecurity in Rust Belt communities and to understand how they can foster change that leads to tangible impacts beyond food security.

  • 2022-23 featured projects

    A Shared Adapted Picture Book Reading Collaborative
    Tina Caswell- Speech-Language Pathology, Rehabilitation Sciences
    Local Preschools
    Students conducted research with local early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists to identify the importance of shared book reading as it relates to child’s language and literacy growth.

    Abortion Rights: More to the Story Than the US Constitution
    Alexandra Moore- Human Rights Institute, English, General Literature, Rhetoric
    Abigail- Connors student 
    Broome County Public Defender’s Office
    Human Rights 276-01 student works with local public defender's office to identify new ways to protect abortion access for women across the United States in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center.

    Annual Balance Evaluations of Community Dwelling Older Adults
    Vipul Lugade- Motion Analysis Research Laboratory (MARL), Physical Therapy
    Office for Aging
    Students worked with the local Office for Aging to provide older adults with a comprehensive wellness checkup that can identify deficiencies which might be indicative of fall risk.

    Broome County Rider Satisfaction Study
    Matthew J Uttermark- CCPA Public Administration
    BC Transit
    MPA students administered a rider satisfaction study for BC transit, collecting data, and reporting how to improve the user experience for riders.

    Development of the Pediatric Well-being Picture Scale through Community-Engaged Learning
    Judith Quaranta- Community Health Nursing Program, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Rosa Darling- Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Researchers develop a pediatric well-being picture scale to assess well-being in the pediatric population.

    Examination of Hepatic Cancer Rates in Varying Trichloroethylene Concentrations in the Contamination Zone of the IBM-Endicott Chemical Spill
    Sean Cummings- Environmental Studies
    Steve Ortiz- External Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Center, Scholars Program, History
    Justin Shade- student
    Endicott Residents
    Student conducts survey with local residents who may have been impacted by a chemical spill with the intent of improving public health outcomes with the data collected.

    Examining the Bioactive Potential of Uniquely Sourced Honey on Gut Microbiota Through Health and Pathogenic Defense
    Dr. Nirav Patel- Environmental Studies 
    Dr. Antonio Masi- Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, University of Padua, Italy
    Researchers study the positive effects of honey on gut macrobiotic while also having the capacity to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria strains in the gut.

    French Club at VHE
    Nahed Noureddine- Romance Languages and Literatures
    Vestal Hills Elementary School
    Students work with local elementary school to educate youth on French language and culture.

    Generating Early Childhood Student's Excitement for Science by Exposure to Fossils through a Community Schools Model
    Adriane Lam- Geological Sciences, Environmental Studies
    Alex Corsello- Student
    Local Elementary Schools
    Students visit local elementary schools to educate youth on geology through hands on experience with fossils and their history.

    Happy Medium High School Magazine Development Program
    Heather Dorn- Binghamton Writes, Writing Initiative
    Chenango Valley Middle/High School 
    Students serve as mentors to local middle and high school students, collaboratively creating a politics magazine.

    Immigrants Wake America Podcast
    Lisa Yun- Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP), English, General Literature and Rhetoric, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies
    American Civic Association
    Students host a podcast in which they collaborate with local individuals and organizations to discuss real life stories of immigration.

    Impacting Future Generations: A Look into the Usage of Antibiotics and the Knowledge of Antibiotic Resistance
    Deborah Schechter- Biomedical Anthropology
    Broome County Health Department
    Researchers develop surveys to assess usage of antibiotics and knowledge about antibiotic resistance from two groups including local residents aged 18 years and older and area farmers.

    Multidisciplinary Inquiry through Archaeology
    Laurie E. Miroff- Public Archaeology 
    Nina M. Versaggi- Public Archaeology
    Lynda Carroll- MA, Public Archaeology 
    Amber M. Simpson- Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership Luann Kida- MA, Binghamton University Community Schools
    Archaeologists, along with undergraduate and graduate assistants, implemented an archaeology afterschool program, geared towards rural middle school students, to explore the ability to teach STEM through archaeology. 

    Improving the Accessibility of Community Health Assessments
    Deborah Schechter- Biomedical Anthropology
    Broome County Health Department
    Students use the local Community Health Assessment to take information and translate it to comprehensible and relatable statistics which are then shared through a website they have developed.

    Investigating and Supporting a Food Justice Action Plan for Broome County, NY
    Barrett P. Brenton- Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    Valerie Imbruce- Lammot du Pont Copeland Center for Environment and Society; Anthropology and Archaeology; Washington College, Chestertown, MD
    Broome County Food Council
    Researchers work to support the ongoing development of Broome County’s Food Justice Action Plan which seeks to increase access to adequate and healthy food in order to increase food security and health equity, and mediate the challenges of preventing and managing chronic disease.

    Life After COVID
    Pamela Mischen- Office of the President
    The Randolph Area Mutual Aid Network (RAMAN)
    Researchers work with The Randolph Area Mutual Aid Network to identify how the organization should move forward as a mutual aid network post COVID-19.

    Navigating Systemic Limitations on Public Defense
    Alexandra Moore- Human Rights Institute, English, General Literature, Rhetoric
    Abigail Rothleder- student
    Robert Rose- student
    Broome County Public Defender’s Office
    HMRT 276 students work to identify internal and external limitations in the Broome County public defender's office as well as determine how the office handles these issues.

    Produce Prescription Program 
    Barrett P. Brenton- Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    Rural Health Network of South Central NY
    Researchers utilized user data and results of surveys from a local Vegetable Rx Program resulting in navigating barriers related to gender, age and patient location.

    Science Communication for Scientific Ocean Drilling
    Adriane Lam- Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies
    Students write web pages for the Time Scavengers website that highlight important scientific ocean drilling expeditions, with information and associated images then being uploaded to the Flyover Country app.

    Supporting Primary Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning
    Deborah Schechter- Biomedical Anthropology
    Broome County Health Department
    Researchers supported the local health department in the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, focusing on the primary prevention of lead poisoning and exposure for children under the age of 6.

    The Onondaga Nation Farm: Supporting Access to and Use of Traditional Indigenous Foods for Enhanced Nutrition and Healthy Living
    Barrett P. Brenton- Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    Onondaga Nation Farm
    Researchers explored approaches for promoting the use and procurement of traditional Indigenous food practices to support childhood nutrition in local schools and management of chronic disease among the elderly.

    The Three Sisters Garden: Planting a Living Treaty with Indigenous Communities to Honor and Respect the Land upon which We Reside
    Barrett P. Brenton- Center for Civic Engagement, Anthropology, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Communities
    BrieAnna Langlie Anthropology
    Onondaga and other Haudenosaunee Nations 
    University faculty, students, and staff collaborated with the Onondaga Nation to plant the Three Sisters Garden to strengthen the Two-Row Wampum Living Treaty partnership between the Onondaga and other Haudenosaunee Nations with Binghamton University, enhancing the awareness, education, and commitment to surrounding Indigenous communities.


  • 2019-20 featured projects

    Binghamton Poetry Project

    Binghamton Center for Writers
    Broome County Public Library
    Mary L. Wilcox Memorial Library
    Union-Endicott High School
    Charles F. Johnson Elementary School
    Johnson City Primary School

    The Binghamton Poetry Project is a literary service program of the Binghamton Center for Writers, an organized research center at Binghamton University. BPP sends trained creative writing instructors into the community to lead free poetry workshops that are open to the public or occur within local schools.

    Community Archaeology Program

    Public Archaeology Facility

    The Community Archaeology Program (CAP) is the public outreach program of the Public Archaeology Facility at Binghamton University. Through CAP, members of the public learn about archaeology from professional archaeologists working in the field.

    Fostering youth environmental literacy through ecological outreach

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies
    Broome County Parks and Recreation

    Students worked with Broome County staff to expand the preexisting Broome County Dozen Hiking Challenge to encourage local children and adults alike to explore their local ecology and increase engagement with nature when Broome County residents visited local parks.

    Johnson City Redevelopment: The Health Sciences Campus

    John Frazier, SUNY distinguished service professor of geography and director of the GIS Core Facility
    Kevin Heard, associate director of the GIS Campus Core Facility

    With guidance from Geography Department faculty and staff, students are helping to develop a Story Map that will track the neighborhood changes occurring in the neighborhoods surrounding the newly built School of Pharmacy and the relocation of the School of Nursing. This comes in the form of data analysis through mapping, interviews and input from community stakeholders, and various methods of fieldwork. Our GIS Facility and Geography Department are working closely with the University president and other key officials, who have bought into the technology.

    Master of Public Health (MPH) student capstone projects

    Yvonne Johnston, founding director, MPH program
    Anu Banerjee, clinical professor, MPH program
    Emily Pape, clinical associate professor, MPH Program
    Sharon Bryant, asociate professor, MPH Program
    Broome County Health Department
    Arnot Health
    Children's Home
    Care Compass Network
    Binghamton University Health Prevention and Promotion Services

    The Capstone Project represents a culminating and integrative learning experience in the MPH program. The Capstone Project demonstrates substantive application of public health theory, knowledge and skills acquired through didactic and experiential courses completed during the student’s program of study.

    MPH student Saydi Akgul designed a telemonitoring mobile application for COPD patients to accommodate and promote their disease self-management. Patients of a pre-existing respiratory therapy program in upstate New York were enrolled. 

    MPH student Luis Midence completed a statistical analysis showing that social risk factors and patient demographics specific to safety-net hospitals have resulted in them being disproportionately affected by Medicare reimbursement models.

    North of Main Neighborhood Project

    Neighborhood Heritage and Sustainability Project
    Safe Streets Binghamton
    NoMa — North of Main 

    A partnership working with residents and students to bring services to Binghamton's Westside, especially, but not exclusively, the North of Main neighborhood.

    Open Airways asthma management education

    Judith Quaranta, assistant professor of nursing
    Fran Srnka Debnar, clinical associate professor of nursing
    Stephanie Davy, CCPA/Community Schools coordinator Chenango Forks Central School District
    Chenango Forks Elementary School

    Students are trained to deliver asthma management education to children with asthma. We work with the school nurses and community school coordinator to coordinate the effort to deliver the program to the children.

    Partnerships with the Binghamton Rescue Mission and NoMa — North of Main

    Public Service Learning Community in Hinman College
    Binghamton Rescue Mission
    NoMa — North of Main

    Students in the Hinman Public Service Learning Community support the Rescue Mission's goal of enabling homeless men to live productively within the community and support the leadership of NoMa in building a strong neighborhood association.

    Pediatric pictorial well-being scale

    Judith Quaranta, assistant professor of nursing
    Fran Srnka Debnar, clinical associate professor of nursing
    Katelyn Lapan, CCPA/Community Schools coordinator Windsor Central School District

    Students will conduct focus groups with children ages eight to eleven years old to develop a pediatric picture well being scale. After development, the tool will be tested to determine validity and reliability.

    Pediatric pictorial well-being tool

    Judith Quaranta, assistant professor of nursing
    Fran Srnka Debnar, clinical associate professor of nursing

    We will be conducting focus groups with children ages eight to eleven years old to develop a picture well-being tool. After developung the tool, we will conduct validity testing. This will be the first tool developed for children that addresses literacy issues and language barriers when assessing well-being in children. Through multiple literature searches, we were unable to locate any similar tools already available.

    Pollinator garden for the Ross Park Zoo: a comprehensive site assessment and installation plan

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies
    Ross Park Zoo

    The Ross Park Zoo is interested in establishing a pollinator garden on their property. We worked with zoo staff to develop a site assessment and management plan for installing a pollinator garden.

    Reducing food insecurity in the Greater Binghamton area through the establishment of urban gardens

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies
    VINES (Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments)

    We partnered with VINES, an independent nonprofit organization committed to developing a sustainable and just community food system. VINES has 17 community gardens and recently announced their Garden Expansion Project: 20 Gardens by 2020. To support this goal, we identified several potential locations for community gardens and developed a comprehensive system for determining which locations would best address community needs.

    She's the First Annual 5k

    She's the First student organization
    She's the First national nonprofit organization

    Our 2020 5k will be held on campus, with all donations going to the national non-profit organization, She's the First. STF fights gender equality world wide by funding young girls to be the first in their families to gain an education through scholarships, mentoring and any support needed to continue their education.

    Telling Our Stories of Immigration

    Lisa Yun, associate professor of English and Asian and Asian American Studies
    Tenement Museum: Immigration Museum NYC
    Vestal Public Library
    American Civic Association of Binghamton

    This project is a public humanities project that entails learning about and composing our immigrant stories, and learning those of community members. These stories are for community engagement and digital archives. View their digital display on Instagram.

    Theatre in the Classroom

    Elizabeth Mozer, associate professor of theatre
    Christine Skorupa, student leader/teaching artist
    Vistal Hills Elementary School
    Tioga Hills Elementary School

    Binghamton Univesity theatre students volunteer their time developing classroom theatre activities for elementary school students. They then go to local elementary school classrooms once a week for four to six weeks (per semester) and lead the students in theatre-based exercises.

    Using art to communicate science

    Hua Lab
    Roberson Museum and Science Center
    Broome-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) 

    My lab generated a lesson plan that included an original children’s book on trematode life cycles and addressed several N.Y. learning standards in collaboration with BOCES. Next, in collaboration with BOCES and Roberson Museum and Science Center (RMSC), my lab conducted a teaching workshop with 21 third-grade teachers across our ten local school districts. Finally, following the workshop, classrooms from ten districts implemented the pre-lesson plan, conducted pre-assessments, participated in the field trip to RMSC and completed post-assessments. 

    Willy Wonka Project

    Michelle D. Withers Biology Education Lab

    Our project is working at the intersection between the SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) approach which has been engaging student with complex societal problems for over a decade and CUREs (course-based undergraduate research experiences), a relatively new, but rapidly spreading approach that crowd-sources students to work on real problems while providing them with an authentic scientific experience. We are beginning by soliciting student input on factors that will help make their college experience feel more satisfying and relevant. 

    Youth Initiative 

    Center for Civic Engagment
    Local school districts

    We engage Binghamton students to participate and become more involved in the local community through partnerships with local schools. Students work as classroom assistants, tutors or simply as a friend to local youth.

  • 2018-19 featured projects

    Addressing Food Insecurity in Binghamton through Community Garden Fruit Trees

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies
    VINES (Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments)

    Working with VINES members, students in ENVI 415-515 developed a plan for planting fruit trees in community gardens that would meet the nutritional needs of local residents.

    Adult Empowerment Series 

    Broome County HEARS (Higher Education Access, Retention and Success) 
    United Way of Broome County
    Binghamton City School District's Adult Education Program
    NoMa Community Center

    A workshop series brought Binghamton residents and students together to develop a community impact project, called Community Gatherings, that enhanced their sense of belonging in the area.

    Binghamton High School Substance Use Needs Assessment

    Miesha Marzell, assistant professor of social work 
    Justine Lewis and Benjamin DeAngelis, community research and action doctoral program
    Adolescent Addiction Task Force

    Researchers collaborated with stakeholders to examine challenges and devise interventions to address substance use among adolescents in Binghamton City School District.

    Binghamton Poetry Project

    Binghamton Poetry Project 
    Broome County schools and libraries 

    Students taught free poetry workshops in the community, building literacy skills and an appreciation for the arts.

    Binghamton-Toronto STEM Outreach

    Paul Chiarot, associate professor of mechanical engineering 
    University of Toronto Engineering Student Outreach Office 
    Windsor Central School District

    Students traveled to Toronto during the summer to receive training in providing STEM workshops for youth, then returned to use that training at the Windsor Central School District summer camp.

    Binghamton University Community Schools Service-Learning Course

    Luann Kida, director of Community Schools
    Sara Hall, assistant director for Community Schools
    Eight regional school districts

    Students in CCPA 360/HDEV 355 completed service-learning hours at one or more community schools, supporting after-school programming and special events.

    Broadcasting World Literature

    Giovanna Montenegro, assistant professor of comparative literature and Romance languages

    Undergraduates in COLI 481 created podcasts featuring interviews with community members and representatives from various local organizations. Graduate students hosted live radio shows on WHRW showcasing world literature to the community.

    Community Archaeology Program

    Laurie Miroff, Maria O'Donovan, Andrea Zlotucha Kozub, Public Archaeology Facility 
    Local school districts and museums

    Professional archaeologists, assisted by graduate students, developed programs to teach community members about archaeology and historic preservation.

    Community Meals Map Guide in Binghamton and Johnson City

    Ben Levine, senior geography and sociology major Broome County Council of Churches Local community meal sites

    Levine created a visual guide with current, accurate details on community meals. Created for residents in the field, the project invites quantitative and qualitative analyses for food policy and planning contexts.

    Community-Based Asthma Interventions

    Judith Quaranta, assistant professor of nursing
    Fran Srnka Debnar, clinical associate professor of nursing 
    Broome County school districts

    Students in NURS 499 provided asthma education to children and parents with asthma, designed to reduce school absenteeism, ER visits and hospitalizations.

    Educational Board Game Project

    Jenny Gordon, associate professor, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership 
    Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, WSKG, Broome-Tioga BOCES, Rockwell Museum

    Students in ELED 503 designed an educational board game based on learning standards and then piloted the game with students at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School.

    Emerging Leaders Program Service-Learning Project

    Debora Clinton Callaghan, senior associate director, Emerging Leaders Program 
    Tyler Lenga, assstant director, Emerging Leaders Program 
    Various community organizations and schools

    Each Knowledge Community created, developed and implemented a service-learning project related to their group's theme (arts and humanities; business; environment; global citizenship; public service; recreation and wellness).

    ExportNY Program

    Elena Iankova, director of Center for International Business Advancement and adjunct assistant professor, School of Management 
    Southern Tier small businesses

    Students in IBUS 581 and UNIV 280D helped small businesses from the Southern Tier region expand to international markets, providing customized assistance for the development of their international export business plans for selected target markets.

    Grant Research for the Promotion of Racial Justice in Binghamton

    Dara Silberstein, associate research professor of women, gender and sexuality studies 
    Jessica Alfaro, student intern
    YWCA of Binghamton & Broome County

    As an intern, Alfaro connected the YWCA with various University resources with the goal of acquiring grant funding to hire a full-time racial justice programming coordinator.

    Greenpspace Distribution and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Binghamton

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies
    Binghamton Planning Department and Department of Parks and Recreation

    Students in ENVI 415-515 mapped the greenspace distribution in the city of Binghamton to understand whether or not socioeconomic inequalities existed in access to greenspace.

    Hinman College Public Service Learning Community

    Al Vos, collegiate professor of Hinman College 
    Binghamton Rescue Mission

    Students supported the Binghamton Rescue Mission through various direct service, fundraising and advocacy efforts.

    Knight Lights for Literacy

    Marla Mallette, associate professor, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership 
    Windsor Central School District

    Students in LTRC 506 provided small-group, differentiated literacy instruction to kindergarten through third-grade students in a summer school setting.

    Literacies of Power

    Al Vos, associate professor of English 
    Horace Mann Elementary School 
    Vestal Hills Elementary School

    Students in WRIT 111 worked with teachers at local elementary schools during literacy instruction to help struggling students.

    Making and Tinkering with Youth Neighborhood Heritage

    Amber Simpson, assistant professor, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership 
    Windsor Middle School 
    Your Home Public Library

    Students in EDUC 470 developed a STEM-related making and tinkering program for youth and implemented a semester-long program with a community partner.

    Monitoring Johnson City Redevelopment

    Binghamton University Geography Department 
    Johnson City small businesses and community stakeholders

    The neighborhoods around the new Health Sciences Campus are monitored to detect any changes affecting businesses, residents, community services and other stakeholders in the community.

    Neighborhood Heritage and Sustainability Project

    George Homsy, assistant professor of public administration 
    Safe Streets of Binghamton 
    North of Main neighborhood 
    Broome County Urban League

    Students helped start and run a community center in the North of Main neighborhood and brought various services to the community.

    OCCT Survey Report

    Kristina Lambright, senior associate dean, College of Community and Public Affairs; associate professor and chair of public administration 
    Off Campus College Transport

    Students in PAFF 510 conducted a survey to collect feedback from OCCT riders to understand shortcomings and room for improvement in OCCT services.

    Practicum in Community Service

    Al Vos, associate professor of English 
    Nonprofit organizations around Broome County

    Students in HDEV 106/116 completed service at one or more nonprofit organizations, learning about socio-cultural issues within the greater Binghamton community.

    She's the First 5k Fundraiser

    She's the First 
    Pretty Girls Sweat

    Students raised money to sponsor a girl in a low-income country to become the first in her family to receive a high school education.

    Street Tree Diversity of Binghamton University's Main Campus

    George Meindl, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies 
    Binghamton University Facilities Management 
    Arbor Day Foundation (Tree Campus USA Program)

    Students in ENVI 415-515 assessed the street tree diversity on campus in order to create a comprehensive tree care plan according to the guidelines set in place by the Arbor Day Foundation.

    Tick-Borne Disease Research Center

    Ralph Garruto, professor/director, Biospecimen Archive Facility 
    Southern Tier Lyme Support

    The Center spreads awareness of Lyme disease and promotes education to help keep Southern Tier residents healthy.

    Wetland Conservation Outreach — Wild Waders

    Jessica Hua, assistant professor of biological sciences 
    Broome-Tioga BOCES 
    Roberson Museum and Science Center

    Student research introduced community members to wetland organisms, identified contemporary issues endangering wetlands and demonstrated how research can contribute to conservation.

    Windsor Winning at Wellness

    Sarah Thompson, lecturer in health and wellness studies 
    Floyd Bell Elementary School

    Students in HWS 495 facilitated a free after-school physical activity program for selected K-5 students that taught basic facts about nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, and emotions and feelings.