Accelerate your education

5 years, 2 degrees

Several programs in CCPA give you a chance to earn two degrees in five years.  You take undergraduate coursework for your first three years.  Your coursework taken in your fourth year allows you to get a head start on your master's degree. In your fifth year, you take all graduate-level classes and complete your master's degree.

What students say about accelerated degrees

Kack Collins

Jack Collins

Undergraduate major: Biological Sciences
Graduate major: Public Health

Q: How does the 4+1 accelerated degree program help you prepare for this career path?

A: There are so many branches within the field of public health in which I am interested, which gives me great faith I will find a career I love. The accelerated program also allows me to join the workforce earlier than I anticipated, eager to contribute to easing the burden of disease around the world.


Caroline Sandleitner

Undergraduate major: History and Philosophy, Politics and Law with a minor in Human Rights
Graduate major: Public Administration, certificate in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention

Q: What advice do you have for students unsure about 4+1 accelerated degree programs?

A: Step outside your comfort zone and try things you've never done before. If you find a topic interesting, talk to your faculty advisor about it and ask them how you can get more involved in a certain area of study. The 4+1 program is flexible and will allow you to discover new interests, while also developing your professional skills for the "real world."

leah tompkins

Leah Tompkins

Undergraduate major: Human Development, Education Minor
Graduate major: Higher Education and Student Affairs

Q: What attracted you to take advantage of the 4+1 accelerated programs?

A: I loved my time at Binghamton University as an undergrad and I was happy to have an opportunity to stay an extra year. Beginning graduate classes my senior year of undergrad was also a plus, as I got the experience of being "new" without having to completely start over somewhere. I also heard great things about the program and faculty, and the transition between undergraduate and graduate was made easy because of the support I received.

What are the program benefits?

  • Save time: Earn master’s degree in one year instead of two.
  • Save money: Pay graduate tuition for only one year.
  • Take advantage of the value: Binghamton offers an Ivy-caliber education at a state university tuition.
  • Strengthen marketability: Graduate degrees hone job-related skills in communications, research methods, data analysis, teamwork and big-picture thinking — skills sought out by employers worldwide.
  • Increase earning potential: Salaries for people holding master’s degrees are on average $10,000 higher than for those with bachelor’s degrees.

Even if you're a first-year or second-year student, it's never too soon to start thinking about pursuing a 4+1 degree. Fill out this brief form and we will be in touch.


When should I apply?

For all options except social work, you must inquire about pre-admission to a 4+1 program by junior year so you can enroll in master's classes your senior year. If you are pursuing your BSW, you can apply to the one-year program in your senior year.

What program is right for me?

For: Choose a program Eligible undergraduate majors Contact  
Careers in local government, public policy or community-based nonprofits. Master of Public Administration

Any Harpur BA (excluding fine arts)

BS in Human Development

Brianna King Richetti

Working to address issues such as health promotion, disease prevention, population health and public health research practice.

Harpur + Master of Public Health (MPH)

Any Harpur BA, BS or BFA Regina Alfieri-Squier  

Working in higher-education in any number of student-
support areas, including residential life, admissions, advising, financial aid and
multicultural affairs. 

Master of Science in Higher Education and Student Affairs (MS SAA)

Any Harpur BA (excluding fine arts)

BS in Human Development

Regina Alfieri-Squier

Careers in teaching, learning, and educational leadership (TLEL)

BS in Human Development

Regina Alfieri-Squier

TLEL (cont.) Master of Arts in TESOL

Any Harpur major (except some fine arts majors)

Regina Alfieri-Squier

TLEL (cont.)

BA in compatible MAT fields

Regina Alfieri-Squier

Working to set priorities and making policy for a world with a healthy environment, where people enjoy safe housing, uncontaminated food and accessible public service. Master in Sustainable Communities (MA or MS)

Any Harpur BA (excluding fine arts)

BS or BA in Environmental Studies

Regina Alfieri-Squier

Working in an array of human rights fields ranging from international advocacy to local community organizing. Master of Human Rights BA in English; Environmental Studies; French; History; Human Development; Italian; Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies; Philosophy, Politics and Law; or Spanish Suzy Lee  
Careers promoting a social justice, person-in-environment perspective so that individuals, families, group, organizations and communities can thrive. Advanced Standing Master of Social Work (earn an MSW with 1 additional year of study instead of 2) Undergraduates who have earned their BSW within the past 7 years. John Vassello