Community Involvement

Community is our classroom

Community engagement is an essential component of the work happening at the Binghamton University College of Community and Public Affairs (CCPA). Our connection with the community enriches the learning experience for our students and research opportunities for our faculty. In addition to Binghamton University Community Schools, key examples of CCPA’s community engagement include our:

  • Internships
  • Community-engaged learning
  • Applied research
  • Global work

This important work evolves out of our partnerships with organizations such as school systems, colleges and universities, healthcare agencies, government agencies, nonprofits and businesses. 

Community engagement efforts by CCPA faculty and students are positively influencing the local community and far beyond.


Internships are an important part of the curriculum across all our programs. Our internships provide students with real-world work experience, the chance to explore possible career paths, and rewarding opportunities to make a difference in the community. The unique lessons that come from these experiences prove to be invaluable tools as our students take further steps to successful careers.

Internships also make a major impact on our community. CCPA students complete more than 200,000 combined internship hours annually, resulting in a $6 million local economic impact.

Read more about how CCPA internships are making an impact:

Community-engaged learning

CCPA prioritizes and provides opportunities for our students to participate in community-based projects that tackle real-world issues. We believe the community is the most effective classroom for our programs. Our students not only get experience in their disciplines, but time to develop their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Several CCPA faculty have participated in the Center for Civic Engagement’s Community Engaged Teaching Fellows Program, a Binghamton University initiative that guides faculty in the design and implementation of effective community-engaged teaching and learning. CCPA faculty have also offered community-engaged learning opportunities in their classes, including the Philanthropy Incubator for public administration students, and The Rural and Underserved Service Track (TRUST) for social work students.

Learn about some of CCPA’s community-engaged learning opportunities:

Applied research

Our faculty conducts important research that focuses on understanding and addressing the challenges faced by communities, with an aim of developing solutions that create a positive and lasting impact. Our applied scholarship initiatives explore best practices in our local community and beyond, adapt and learn from them and then bring them to the world through publications, presentations and consultations.

Here are some examples of CCPA’s recent applied research projects:

Global work

CCPA is not just engaging with the local communities around Binghamton – we are making a difference around the world with our study abroad programs and global research. Learn more about CCPA’s global work here.