Funding for Faculty and Doctoral Student Research

Funding for faculty 

Binghamton University has funding opportunities available for all faculty. Here is a short list of internal funding opportunities available for all Binghamton University faculty.

In addition, some of the university’s six schools and colleges have their own internal funding. For example, the CCPA Research Excellence Award is available for CCPA faculty. We encourage faculty to talk with the Dean's office to see what additional resources might be available.

Faculty whose research interests align with the Institute for Justice & Well-Being can contact Debbie Collett-O'Brien to become Research Affiliates with the Institute.  The Institute often has GAs and small competitive grants available to support Affiliates' research.  

Internal funding opportunities

The Research Foundation Grants Management Office (Sponsored Funds) provides assistance with the grant proposal development and submission process, as well as the fiscal management of established awards.

The Office of Strategic Research Initiatives (OSRI) provides workshops and proposal development. Mike Jacobson, the OSRI Director, and Kevin Boettcher, the Research Development Specialist, provide assistance to faculty and departments across the campus.

The campus Grant Contract Administrators assist faculty with searches for external funding opportunities, formulating budgets, negotiating contracts, and reviewing proposals to ensure compliance with sponsor and university policies.

When applying for funding opportunities, CCPA faculty should consult early on with Tammy Behonick, the CCPA Senior Assistant Dean, to develop a budget that can expertly maximize funding to support research goals. 

External funding opportunities

To identify external funding opportunities, the Binghamton University community has access to InfoEd's SPIN search engine. The SPIN database allows users to search for funding program announcements via three types of searches: Basic, Keyword, or Advanced, all of which are available using your BU Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials. Here is a helpful User Guide for SPIN.

In addition to these resources, here is a short list of external funding opportunities such as those available through the National Institute of Health.

Next steps after obtaining funding

The Dean's Office can help. Contact Tammy Behonick after receiving funding to discuss any personnel appointments and processing of expenditures.

Funding for doctoral students

CCPA's Dissertation Research Awards provide doctoral candidates with an opportunity to receive funding in support of high-quality dissertation research. A call for proposals will occur in the fall and spring semesters. 

For more information, contact Debbie Collett-O'Brien