List of projects by core areas (Diagnostics and Treatment; Public Health Education and Outreach; and Ecology, Epidemiology and Risk Modeling)

Diagnostics and Treatment

Coordinator: Wes Kufel

  • Association of Serum Procalcitonin Concentration in Acute and Chronic Lyme disease (Project 2), Wes Kufel
  • Improvements in Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Response Monitoring for Lyme disease (Project 4), Wes Kufel
  • Development of a Diagnostic Protocol for Tick-Borne Co-infections (Project 8), Michel Shamoon Pour
  • Optimization of A Diagnostic Protocol for Early Lyme Infection (Project 10) , Michel Shamoon Pour
  • Shared Resource for Proteomics and Biomarker Studies of Lyme disease (Project 12), Yetrib Hathout 
  • Molecular mimicry in chronic Lyme (Project 15), Kanneboyina Nagaraju
  • Sequestration of Borrelia burgdorferi in the competent reservoir host Peromyscus leucopus and correlation with organ specific human clinical symptoms in Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome Patients (Project 18), Ralph Garruto
  • Fourth Stage of Lyme disease: diagnosis-treatment interval hypothesis (Project 20), John Darcy

Public Health Education and Outreach

Coordinator: Sarah Lynch

  • Lifestyle Impacts and Population Health: Impacts of Acute and Chronic Lyme disease (Project 5), Amanda Roome 
  • Pharmacist prescription of preventative antibiotics (Project 6), Sarah Lynch 
  • Health Agencies and Impact on Acute and Chronic Lyme disease (Project 3),  Amanda Roome 
  • New York Community pharmacists' knowledge of Lyme disease and current treatment regimens (Project 16), Sara Spencer 
  • Policy changes in New York State to enable prevention of Lyme disease (Project 17), Sarah Lynch 

Ecology, Epidemiology and Risk Modeling

Coordinator: Amanda Roome

  • Acarological Risk of Lyme Disease in areas of High Human Activity in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin of New York (Project ),  Amanda Roome
  • Lyme disease in Built Environments: The Neighborhood Project (Project 7), Ralph Garruto
  • Systems Dynamics, Modelling and GIS Mapping of Lyme disease (Project 9), Nasser Sharareh
  • Modelling the Risk of Lyme disease in Built Environments (Project 11), Nasim Sabounchi
  • Reproductive Physiology of Ticks (Project 13), Julian Shepherd
  • Vegetation Analysis and Lyme disease Transmission (Project 14), Julian Shepherd
  • White-tailed Deer and Dogs as Sentinels for Pathogenic Ehrlichia Species (Project 19), Rita Spathis