The VARCC is housed in a centrally located but calm, private space on the third floor of Old Johnson Hall where it provides a single place for students — or anyone ­— to report an incident of sexual violence. 

The VARCC's Safe Space is an area for people who have experienced interpersonal violence, including sexual violence, to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to talk, use therapeutic art supplies, listen to music, do homework and generally just chill together. Allies we love you, but please respect this is a space only for those identified above. 

Services provided from the VARCC:

  • Sexual assault advocate
  • Deputy Title IX coordinator
  • Bystander training coordinator
  • Office of Student Conduct
  • Residence Life
  • University Police Department, BPD/University Liaison, NYS Investigator (and other jurisdictions)
  • Crime Victims Assistance Center (CVAC)
  • Counselor specializing in trauma recovery
  • Binghamton University Interfaith Council representatives and/or other service providers, etc.

During the pandemic, not all of the offices will staff the center full time, but will rotate through and people will be pulled in as needed so students can meet with them at one time.


Students who are accused of interpersonal violence may find resources here.

Contact us

    (This email address is not a confidential form of communication. Do not use it to disclose confidential information.)
  • or 607-777-3010


  • Mondays:  1pm - 5pm
    Tuesdays:  closed 
    Wednesdays:  1pm - 5pm
    Thursdays:  2pm - 7pm 
    Fridays:  8:30am -12pm  


Third floor – Old Johnson Hall