Center for Learning and Teaching

Rapid Transition to Online Teaching and Learning

Consult Academic Continuity in the Event of an Emergency Situation for more information, training videos, and tutorials. 

Our Mission

Promoting and supporting excellence in student-centered learning for all members of the Binghamton University community. 


Educational Communications

Technology, multimedia, and audiovisual support for classrooms and courses

Instructional Design Services

Pedagogical support for anyone who teaches at Binghamton University, so courses are engaging and learning is long-lasting

Summer and Winter Sessions

Offering a wide variety of courses (classroom, online, or a blend) in compact time frames

University Tutorial Services

Enhancing students’ learning through tutoring

University Testing Center

Support for faculty in meeting their responsibilities in implementing authorized testing accommodations and fulfilling their efforts to accommodate students who need alternate testing times and locations

Supported Technology

Koenig Online Recording Studios

The two KOR Studios exist as a location for students and faculty to create online video projects in the Panopto video system

Learning Studios

Information about our technology-enhanced classrooms, including available technologies and room reservations


The video creation and content delivery solution used at Binghamton University


Starfish at Binghamton is an online appointment scheduling and early alert communication tool that supports student success. 


Synchronous class meetings where participants can see other and share what’s on their screens. (Webex is being replaced by Zoom. Binghamton University's contract with Webex will expire April15, 2020.)


Synchronous class meetings where participants can see other and share what’s on their screens.