Embedded Tutoring

What is Embedded Tutoring?

Embedded Tutoring is when a trained peer tutor regularly attends a course in order to prepare to provide up-to-date targeted support for a specific class for a specific instructor. Embedded Tutors act as a model student during lectures, taking detailed notes and completing all reading assignments, to help demonstrate ideal behaviors for a successful student. They then host out-of-class study sessions to help teach students not just “what to learn” but “how to learn” in that particular course. Additionally, Embedded Tutors generate collaborative activities in order to get students working together in small groups, building independence and self-learning.

How is Embedded Tutoring different from Supplemental Instruction?

Supplement Instruction (SI) is a peer-led support program created at the University of Missouri-Kansas. Embedded Tutoring follows many of the principles of SI while incorporating strategies from the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) and Binghamton’s own academic community. In short, Embedded Tutoring takes the best of two great programs and brings them together with our own unique spin.

How is Embedded Tutoring different from Small Group Tutoring?

In addition to Embedded Tutoring, UTS provides scheduled small group tutoring. You may be asking yourself, how do these two services differ? Small group tutoring is subject-based and question-driven. This means that a peer-tutor took the course at Binghamton, maybe with your instructor and maybe with a different instructor, and offers to help answer questions that students have regarding the course material on a scheduled basis. Embedded Tutors are actively taking the class alongside of students. They have done this before but they are being refreshed with up-to-date information of exactly how the class is running this semester, not recalling from last year. Embedded Tutors also spend a significant portion of their time planning collaborative activities for students to do together. It’s not question-driven, where students ask questions and we help answer them, instead it is collaborative learning that is activity-based and focused on getting students to acquire knowledge independently and as a group.

Which courses do you offer Embedded Tutoring for?

For Spring 2024, we offer Embedded Tutoring in the following courses:

  • BIOL 113 - Professor Marcus
  • BIOL 114 - Professor Armstrong
  • CS 220 - Professor Bartenstein
  • CS 310 - Professor Lewis
  • CS 373 - Professor Zhang
  • PHYS 122 - Professors Nale & Weiler
  • PSYC 111 - Professor Van Petten
  • PSYC 220 - Professor Merriwether
  • PSYC 243 - Professor Boring

How do I sign up?

Embedded Tutoring sessions are walk-in. There is no sign-up required!

Information regarding your Embedded Tutoring sessions will be annouced in class, may be on your syllabus, and will be posted in Brightspace annoucements. You can also go onto B-Successful to see the schedule and sign up for email and text message reminders.

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