Signing Up For Tutoring

B-Successful Logo


Step 1: Navigate to B-Successful (Starfish)

https://binghamton. starfish-ops/session/casLogin. html

Step 2: Select Courses from the Left-hand Navigation

Click on the hamburger menu and find Courses on the left-hand navigation. 

Screenshot of left hand navigation menu in Stargfish and a preview of the Courses screen

Step 3: Select the Make Appointment link

Find the course for which you want to receive tutoring. Click the Schedule Appointment link.

Screen shot of Courses page with University Tutorial Services Schedule Appoinment link highlighted.

Step 4: Select Tutoring

Screenshot of scheduling a University Tutorial Services appoinment in Starfish with Tutoring selected.Step 5: Browse Available Tutoring Sessions

Available times for tutoring for the course you selected will be shown. Use the calendar to navigate dates until you find the date and time you want.

Screenshot of calendar of available tutoring sessions

Step 6: Add Applicable Notes and Confirm

When you’ve selected the date and time you want, you will be given the opportunity to add notes for your tutor. Then click Confirm to schedule your appointment.

Screenshot of the appoinment confirm and schedule screen