Branding/visual identity

To help Binghamton University achieve a consistent image, a cohesive branding system has been developed that reflects our heritage and what we aspire to become. This website outlines how to use this system correctly in all forms of communication, such as websites, social media and other electronic communication vehicles, as well as promotional products and printed publications. Unique situations may require further interpretation of the guidelines.

View a portfolio of Binghamton University branded materials.

Our Brand, One Voice

Dear Binghamton University community:

Given the competitive environment of higher education, it is essential that Binghamton University present a single, succinct and compelling story. To accomplish this we must create and maintain a single brand identity.

Binghamton University's brand defines who we are and what we do. It presents our voice to the world and helps us achieve our mission and vision. And your assistance is needed so we can maintain a clear, unified brand identity.

On these webpages you will find guidelines that outline our visual brand identity. These guidelines address use of the University's logos, colors, fonts and seal. This website also includes information on photography and design, as well as our Athletics Department brand identity.

All University divisions, schools, departments, centers, programs and units are expected to implement these visual identity guidelines in all future communications projects. When existing printed materials are depleted, they should be replaced with new materials designed according to these guidelines.

I appreciate your cooperation in using these guidelines to embrace and promote a unified Binghamton University identity. After all, our brand is one of our most important assets!

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Harvey G. Stenger