Campaigns and Brand Extensions

Anderson Center
ex: Brand extension for Anderson Center

Individualized brands or brand extensions have been created for a few, non-academic, public-facing entities or events that are part of Binghamton University. Examples include the Anderson Center for the Performing Arts, the Alumni Association and logos created for Homecoming.

While these brand extensions are unique and are exceptions to our core brand, elements of that core identity are still incorporated into their designs.

In rare instances, approval may be granted for the creation of a campaign or brand extension that falls outside the University's core identity guidelines. To make such a request, contact Gerald Hovancik (contact information below).

Organizations affiliated with Binghamton University

Groups affiliated with Binghamton University in a partnership or auxiliary capacity are expected to incorporate Binghamton University's approved fonts, colors and branding as much as possible in their marketing efforts and promotional materials if they are adopting the University's name as part of their identity. These groups should contact Gerald Hovancik (contact information below) to discuss appropriate adherence to the University's brand guidelines.


Gerald Hovancik
Senior Director, Creative Services