Athletics Department Branding

The Binghamton University Athletics Department brand is related to, but distinct from, the University’s brand. The Athletics brand identity embodies and encourages school spirit by focusing on our mascot, Baxter the Bearcat, and our 21 Division 1 athletics teams, the Bearcats (never lady Bearcats).

Spirit and athletics marks

Spirit marks and athletics marks comprise the Athletics brand identity:

  • Spirit marks are the primary representations of the brand and are used as the main identifying devices for the Athletics Department, along with the University’s “B” logomark.
  • Athletics marks are bold logotype treatments that create a clear, consistent and visually memorable identity.

Paw prints

Paw prints are not an official logomark of Binghamton University or the Athletics Department. To ensure consistency, University units are not permitted to use paw prints as a logo.

Who may use spirit and athletics marks

  • University units, academic groups and student organizations may use spirit marks for University projects only if they go through licensed vendors (see the Licensing and Trademarks tab).
  • Groups are encouraged to first consider whether it is more appropriate to use the University’s logomark or logotype for the project.
  • Athletics marks are used solely by the Athletics Department.

Acceptable use of spirit marks

  • Spirit marks should never be recreated, altered or distorted in any way.
  • Units are not permitted to create designs that give the impression of being a Binghamton spirit logo or that incorporate a Binghamton spirit logo into, or make it a part of, another design.
  • When using spirit marks, be sure to incorporate the appropriate copyright or trademark symbol in the location indicated on the artwork on this page.
  • No one other than Binghamton University may claim copyright or logo rights or seek to register any design that uses Binghamton spirit marks.