Binghamton University Logo

Primary Logotype

  • The most visible element in our brand identity system
  • Crafted to be distinctive, memorable, readable and easily adapted for use in a wide range of media
  • Must appear on all printed materials, typically on the front or back
  • Cannot be recreated, altered or distorted in any way

Secondary Logotype

  • A secondary logotype is available for applications requiring a horizontal orientation

Using the Logotype with the Logomark 

  • For multipage/multi-panel documents: when the logomark (the "B") is used with the logotype, place the logotype on the back
  • For single-page documents:
    • If using the bar logomark, place the logotype at the bottom of the page
    • If using the tag logomark, position the logotype at the top, right-hand side of the page

Clear Space

Image indicating clear space for BU logo

  • Always maintain clear space around the University's logotype to separate it from text, images or other graphic elements
  • The height of the letter "B" in the logotype defines the minimum clear space required around the logotype
  • Minimum clear space should also be used to ensure sufficient space exists between the logotype and the edge of any page

Division, School and Department Logos (Lockups)

Bu Lockup
ex:Lockup for CCPA
  • A system of customized logotypes has been created that incorporates the name of each of our divisions and schools, as well as our major centers, offices and units "locked up" with the University logotype (without the SUNY designation)
  • Horizontal and vertical orientations are available
  • To ensure consistency, units are not permitted to create unique, independent logos or marks
  • Recruitment pieces (domestic and international) should use the University logotype — not the lockups — due to recognition of the SUNY designation